Is this a mistake?

I saw this posted on another site. Do you think it is a mistake or will Top of the World Lounge be a direct sale only benefit?

Probably not a mistake. The next step is that they will only say “Welcome home” to direct owners…

I would definitely wager that is not a mistake. They seem to really trying to discourage 3rd party sales here of late.

That aside, it also says that DVC members get discounts on theme park tickets…but I can’t seem to figure out how much (or even how to get the discount). I see the annual pass discount, but that’s it?

They have, at times, offered discounted ticket specials but I don’t think they are now . I bought the gold AP- you?

They may mean the Epcot lounge and the person that created the page may not know the difference?

i’ll be coming up on renewing my Platinum AP soon. Can’t do it until 60 days before May 14th though.

Possibly, but usually pages like this go through several levels of checking by several different departments before it’s uploaded. And the fact that it’s linking to Bay Lake Tower makes me think it’s not a mistake.

That said, I also noticed that the Epcot lounge was not mentioned in the list, soooo maybe?

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I thought I Top of the World Lounge was already a direct sale only benefit. Something about DVC resale purchasers not receiving DVC membership cards which are required to enter Top of the World. Anyone who purchased via resale prior to the change being implemented would be grandfathered in and have access to member-only areas.

It looks like this was part of the April 2016 changes to resale purchases.

Though there are comments on both these blogs that say TOWL access is still available for resale purchasers (the most recent one was June 2018 though).

Nope. I have language in my contract that allows me TOWL access and I bought resale.

We went to TOWL last week.
Not only are you denied access if you are not able to show your blue card, you are denied if you are not staying on property at the time.
We met friends who bought Poly direct from Disney. They needed to wait for us (we were staying at WL) to check us all in. They live locally and did not have a room reservation that night.
I personally witnessed a couple throwing a fit at a CM in the Bay Lake Lobby saying that they are owners and have always been allowed up as one of the benefits.
So, the crack down has begun.


Thanks for the report! You saw the reports on chat a while back that non DVC members staying at BLT could access TotW? Do you think that has changed too?

That’s some grade-a bullcrap right there. If I’ve gone in with Disney to this point, I shouldn’t have to be staying on site in order to get access to a friggin bar.

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Yes, I remember that. Witnessed that first hand either in October or July. That guest was denied at the elevators but apparently pushed hard enough at the lobby desk to be allowed up. I saw her and her party in the lounge about 15 minutes later.

Years ago, we stayed at BLT, not as owners but as renters and I thought about giving it a try but chickened out. I knew it was a longshot and didn’t feel like risking the rejection!

The person manning the podium last week was not budging. No blue card: Access Denied. Not staying on property: Access Denied.

My friends are moving closer to Disney to resume working there next month. Their plan is to sell. If they have to stay on site in order to access certain perks, that’s less appealing to them. And the fact that they will be so close, it doesn’t make as much sense overall to them.


I agree with you. You’re still paying dues. How does that not contribute to having access to the perks?


So if am staying at BLT on my points, my magic band is not enough? I need my membership card too?

Correct. That’s for everywhere too. Epcot’s lounge requires you to have your card as well (or at least a photo of it). MBs, I guess, don’t carry that kinda info, so they don’t use them.


Right, what @Randall1028 said. I’ve had to show my blue card and my license to get into the Epcot lounge. Blue card, license & magic band scan at Top of the World.

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Now that you say that, I believe I did that in October too.

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Wow. I don’t remember that from a year and a half ago but then my memory isn’t always the best. I hope I can find my card or I’ll be ordering new ones.

As an aside, we bought resale after the first set of restrictions had already gone through. Those didn’t bother me. I now really wish I had bought more points then because with all of this new stuff going on I don’t think I’d buy resale again and direct from Disney is soo expensive!