Is there time for Hoop Dee do review and MK fireworks?

Will be in MK on 5/16/17 and plan to attend the Hoop Dee do review @ 6:15pm. Then take boat back to MK for new nightime show (happily ever after) for 9pm. Never been to the Hoop Dee do nor FW and not sure how far I’ll be from the dock or how the boat service runs. Will I have time to make it or should I shift time to the 4:00 show?

If you rush to the boat dock, and get on a boat that’s just about to leave, then run from the MK dock to Main Street, you will make it. If you want a sure thing, earlier HDDR, or another night.

It will be very tight. It’s a short walk to the boat dock from HDDR, which will finish up around 8:00. If you have to wait for a boat, it may take upwards of 30 - 40 minutes to get back to MK.

Just personal preference, we really like going to the 4:00 show.

we did 6:15 show Monday and 8:00 wishes. We booked out of the meal and had a great view of Wishes from the dock. No music and with a 9:00 show you might have better luck. On a different trip I tried to enter MK during wishes and they didn’t let anyone tap their bands until the show was over. But, music and view are good.

Thanks for the input. I will be changing my HDDR time to 4:00. So glad I asked and received some valuable responses.

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You’ll be glad you did. HDDR is a great show and a nice meal, not one that you’d want to leave before it’s really over. Now you can relax and enjoy the evening and easily see the fireworks too!