IS there a way to add existing Dining reservations to your Plans?

We already have dining reservations and I don’t see how to add them on either the main site or the app…help?

When you sign into MDE hover over the link in the top right corner that says, “My Disney Experience” and click on ‘My Reservations and Tickets’ from the menu that pops up. Then just click the button that says link dining reservation and enter your confirmation information.

I meant to add them to my plans here on the Touring site :wink:

Oh sorry lol… Yes you can do that also. If you’ve already created the plan open it up and look toward the bottom. There will be a button that says add meal. Then just enter the location and time and estimate how much time you think you’ll use eating. Then you can either optimize or evaluate your plan to include the meal.

But our reservations aren’t at the park we have chosen for the day in our Plans…I don’t see how to select a different park?

Oh if it’s at a different park you’ll just need to enter the time as a break and you can add the name and such in the notes for the break. Be sure to enter enough time for travel time as well.

If you won’t be returning to the same park after your meal it would also be easier most likely to just to two separate touring plans.

thanks a million :slight_smile:
side note: is there somewhere on this site that offers you to plug in your location and find the quickest transportation options?

Not directly on this site, no.

Most people use,

It will give you a good idea of the different route options, though, park transportation can vary a lot from day to day so I wouldn’t count on the timing they provide as anything more than an estimate.

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thank you SO MUCH!! much appreciated :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome!