Is there a way? Disney Springs

Is there a way to know if DS is at capacity before actually going? I do not want to drive there only to find out it is already closed.

And does anyone know how often it closes to capacity, and about what time?

I don’t know of a way to know before you go

But I think it’s only happened a handful of times to date.

Well you can bet on holidays probably being at capacity. And AJ from DFB said they let her in when it was full b/c she had a ADR. I think weekends get full too due to locals.

Okay. When I look at Disney’s own FAQ about it, it makes it sound like it happens frequently, particularly in evenings and weekends. But maybe they are just preparing people.

We do plan to do one day (a non-Universal park day) to go to DS during the day. I’m not so worried then. But we also are contemplating going into DS for one of the evenings early in the week. I just hate the idea of driving there, expecting to go, and it is closed.

I’m a little surprised Disney doesn’t make this info available somehow. They have technology-advanced parking garages that know how many spaces are available and where. You think they could keep this information posted someplace for folks to know before bothering to come how crowded it is.

It should be available even if by a stupid hotline like they have set up for park hopping.

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You could call and ask. They have a ‘hopper’ phone number… maybe they have a DS parking number?

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Thanks (to both of you!). I’ll investigate. It they have such a thing, it would be useful.

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