Is there a two-park one day itinerary?

I only see one post with a two park itinerary for one day – and it’s from 2014.

Is there a way to get a plan using attractions from both universal parks in one day???

Welcome. Yes, TP has One Day/Two Park plans available with or without Early Park Admission.

But just like WDW, you can only have 1 park per custom touring plan. So you’ll have to use 2 parts/plans (which are integrated) for one day.


You can start here:

OK thank you.

It is very confusing…it doesn’t show when you go from one park to the other…doesn’t that require getting on the Hogwarts express? The first itinerary ends with having lunch, and the second starts with dr. seuss…it doesn’t appear that there’s any thought given to where you enter the park in the second part of the itinerary. The two itineraries seem very disjointed – as though they are not connected at all.

Given how hard Universal sells the “two park” tickets, I’m surprised there’s just not one contiguous itinerary for the two parks, given the premium paid for this site’s membership.

That’s a real problem with this IMHO.

Yep, it’s right in the plans. You have to copy the 2 plans and add your date and it will create the plans with times. You can then adjust to your liking. It has you going to USF to IOA to USF via HE:

It’s really very simple to switch back and forth from the app.


Can you put these into the customized plan, or app? It doesn’t seem like you can do that because the rides are in separate parks.

I have it in a printout.

Yes. Also, plans you make on the website or app are synced together.

They are sorted by date in the app and are easy to access and switch between part 1 and 2 of your same-day plans. Example: