Is there a Touring Plan for mornings at HS?

I’m really sorry if I am in the wrong place. I’m searching this entire forum for a morning touring plan for HS and can’t find one? I’m feeling very overwhelmed as I have never been to HS before with my family and am not sure how to make a personalized TP. I actually tried on my own, but even after watching the tutorial, I am confused. I thought a morning TP I could copy would work, but the only one I found is for a late arrival. I need one for the first half of the day.

Here is a link to all the pre made touring plans:

I have used the one day touring plan for adults with some modifications and it has worked well in the morning.

Are you exploring the Touring Plans on the full website or on the phone app? That might make a difference for you. I find there’s more flexibility on the website, but once you choose or make a TP there, you can pull it up on the app and “optimize” while you’re in the park to get real-time adjustments.

I created my own half day plan putting in my estimated start and end time and with the attractions I know I want to do. It worked pretty well.