Is there a Single Rider line for Avatar FOP?

This morning – our first day to get FP for Animal Kingdom rides on 11 Jan – we got on the web site right at 0700 and…ALL the FP for Avatar FOP were gone. Drats.

So we’re going to hit FOP at rope drop as a family of 5.

But I wondered if we might be able to go again using single rider lines???


There is, but I don’t think it’s used. Once you get near the front I believe they will call for single riders, but if you’ve already waited you may as well all ride together.

There is no single rider line, and by the time you get to the point where single riders are separated out from the rest (in the final waiting area, where they ask how many are in your party) it’s actually no quicker to do this, so it makes more sense for you to ride it together.

waaaaaah. We have no longer than a 15 min wait for any other ride in AK, we’re going on Expedition Everest 4 times in a row, but we have to wait 90 min to go back on Avatar FOP after the initial ride at RD. I guess 80% of the people at AK at any given time are in line for FOP, so all the other rides are empty. !!!

We noticed an unused middle entrance that I believe was built as an eventual single-riders entrance but I don’t expect it to be used any time soon because of how popular the ride is.

Just plan on getting to AK very early…I’m talking 90 minutes or more before scheduled opening. I have seen reports of people being allowed on the ride as early as 20 minutes before official opening, and if you are at the front of that line you’ll actually have FoP checked off prior to official opening.

This isn’t always the case. I got to skip a lot of people by being a single rider when I went.

You can often save 10 - 15 minutes if you are a single rider.

Either you’ve been lucky or I’ve been unlucky - I’ve been on it four times and have always ended up with pretty much the same people I was in line behind before they called me forward… :laughing:

I’m sure it is situational. But if you are willing to ride single you can often save time. The good news is you don’t have to decide until the last 15 - 20 minute of wait time.

I don’t have a choice since it’s just me and DH with DD who’s 3 and not tall (or old) enough to ride. Hopefully my single rider karma will be better in April. :grin: