Is there a place to find ride abbreviations


I have never been ti Disney and am trying to make planes. However when I come here and search topics or read the threads everyone uses abbreviations for the rides, shows, hotels and everything else. As someone who has never been to Disney or really even looked into much until I decided to do a rundisney event I have no idea what those abbreviations mean and it can be very frustrating trying to figure out. For example I was looking at the thread best 5 attractions at each park and everyone’s list looks like this “FOP, EE, KS, FOTLK,” I have no idea what any of those things are and it just makes me stop looking because if you don’t know what those mean how can you understand what is going on or what to plan for.

Is there any where that these abbreviations are listed or do I have to go to each park and look at each ride listed in the park and make my own key.

Please try to keep in mind that not everyone had been to Disney many times and knows the names (and abbreviations) of everything when posting in this group.


Does this help? Or just ask…all will soon become clear☺.


Ah, the Dragon beat me to it!

(As an aside, I’m bothered that the name of that thread is “acronyms”. Only SOME of them are acronyms. Mostly they are abbreviations, though. In order to be an acronym, it would be an abbreviation that is pronounceable!)


Forums can take a while to get used to. is another site with an exhaustive list of abbreviations, alphabetically.


Behave young man! :wink:




Thank you all this has been very helpful