Is there a new equivalent of the Electrical Parade?

Last time we went to Disney (5 years ago) we ended our day with the Main Street Electrical Parade. Is there a different equivalent parade now? There are the happily ever after fireworks, but is there anything else that is equivalent? Anything else that is worth finding a spot and sitting through to watch?

Oh and we are only going to the Magic Kingdom for one day, on a very last minute trip, but it is the first time for many of the people in the group. Also, there are small children in the group, so we don’t want to stay for the Boat Electrical show at 10:35PM.

Nope. There were hopeful rumors for a little while that Disneyland’s Paint the Night parade might come east, but nothing seems imminent. Disney has brought more nighttime activities to the other parks and seems content to try to spread the crowds out right now.

While there isn’t a nighttime parade in the Magic Kingdom, there is a castle projection show that lately has run about half an hour after the fireworks. Once Upon a Time is a cute show, but doesn’t require saving a spot far in advance, so most night’s there’s time for at least one attraction after the fireworks and before that show starts.

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