Is there a bog grace period

Hi. I have a FP for Anna and Elsa at 12.30-1.30. I want to enter the que at 12.30 for my FP. If I book my bog for 12.30 would I make it in by 1 and how much after that would they give you.

if you haven’t made your extra BOG fpp yet, why don’t you just try for a 1pm time?

I have to make it tonight. I did think of that. Just trying to save time here and there but suppose it’s not a lot.

I think you’ll be setting yourself up. If you haven’t made the BOG time yet, give yourself the breathing room. The meet will only take about 20 minutes, but why schedule two things for at the same time and make yourself feel rushed and stressed?

I’d shoot for the 1pm or even a later less popular time if it’s available.

Ok great. Do u think 1 will be packed.