Is there a Badge for that?

Just got a notification that I have reached my daily limit for the number of “Likes” I can have. I must wait 19 hours before liking any more posts. Who knew?? Is there a badge for that @Lentesta?? LOL :wink:


I think there is a day one limit on likes and replies in order to prevent trolling

What is trolling?

Totally understandable. The only reason I reached the limit (which seems to be 150 per day) is because I wanted to get the Read every post in a thread with over 100 posts. I said to myself, how will they know I read them, so I went and liked every post (just over 100). Won’t be happening again I’m sure I won’t ever reach 150 in a day again.

I don’t know what trolling is - I would assume it’s a new user or group of user IDs “attacking” a site?

@MagicMN @stonecold Trolling is when people crate usernames and come to a group just for the purpose of causing conflict.