Is the TP for MFSR accounting for the increased time with upcoming FPs

Title is a mouthful, but I’m wondering if the Touring Plans actual plan dates that have MFSR fastpasses (after Feb 19) are accounting for those waits already for the MFSR ride, or if those calculations won’t be in there until we have a few real days of it. In one of the recent blogs/posts by the TP team, they said expecting 50% to (I think) 65% wait time increases for MFSR.

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They won’t have any data until the procedure has been in place for at least 30 days.

Right now they are using data from knowing what the current queue is like and historical data from how FPP generally effects popular attractions.

I would assume you’ll see better data in the update that will come out in the first week of April.

Thanks. Shouldn’t be a problem, I’ll just force a fake fastpass or something in the MFDR spot after some manual calculations.