Is the soccer ball guy gone from Italy?

We saw him on one of our last few trips and it was a fun show - kind of like Serveur Amusante in France. But I can’t seem to find him on the TP shows list in EP. Is he gone?

Do you mean Sergio? If so, he’s still there. :slight_smile:

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Yes that’s him.

Perhaps he’s not showing the day we are there. He is definitely not on the TP shows list.


So weird! I can search for him on the Disney main page and it gives a description but no option to see times. So then if I look at Entertainment and filter to EP, it has loads of entertainment but no Sergio!

Maybe he’s on a break. He IS listed under “Schedule Unavailable”

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If you look at the Times Guide, he’s listed, but not on Friday or Saturday.

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Ok. Maybe that’s why. That happened to us with Serveur last time