Is the Room Available or Not? Stupid Website

I’m thinking about adding a night to the beginning of my reservation at one resort. I search for that night only and it says it is unavailable.

Next I did a search for that night plus a day before, and also for that night plus a day after. Both times it said is WAS available.

Why can’t I book just that one night?

Call directly (or your TA, if applicable) to have them change it.

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I do 90% of my ADRs via website, but for booking - and especially for changing - rooms I always call.

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I could be wrong but I believe it is fairly common practice for hotel companies to set room availability based on a minimum number of nights stay. (So a room can’t be occupied for 1 night but can be occupied for multiple nights.)

I called today CM said all rooms gone now anyway

Is this a very specific type of room at a specific resort, or you literally can’t get anything at wdw for that night?

Poly just trying to add a night to split stay. Said I could book at full price. Um $800?!? No. I’ll stay at YC that night!

YEEASH!!! $800!? What are they, nuts?!