Is the magic fading?

I think at the moment it is that I’ve been on a whirlwind romance and my lover has given me every indication that they love me as much as I love them. We get engaged, but then find out that the primary reason for her to say yes to my proposal was because I had a large bank account. It wasn’t my charming personality, nor my stunning good looks (hey…it’s my analogy, I can look how i want!). It’s my pocket book.

So, yes, I’m feeling a little hurt. The question is if it is enough to call off the wedding.

I just need time. sniffle


This is, of course, subjective. Thus far I have definitely felt like the cost has been worth it for the experiences my family has enjoyed. At the point where it feels like it’s not worth it, we will begin to reconsider.

They have to add these things to keep the money coming in. It gives people a reason to keep coming back. They aren’t doing it for us, after all! But I don’t begrudge that. It makes sense. This is why EVERY amusement park puts in multi million dollar investments. Not for the fun of it, but for the revenue they bring in drawing in larger crowds.

I think you just hit the nail on the head here regarding Star Wars. Everything indicates that this will be their licence to print money. Their hotels will be at capacity, the"Disney is for little kids" people will change their tune and people will be coming out of the woodwork. I think that they are in a little trouble in Anaheim because they are literally AT capacity there, so they are attempting to wring every single dollar they can out of WDW.

The parking charge was added literally because they can. There really isn’t THAT much of a parking shortage, but as indicated in tons of posts, not too many people are going to decide not to pay it. I think that the most odious part about it is that it’s just the literal money-grab and they aren’t even pretending to add some value (dessert parties, cabanas, etc) to make up for it. It makes me super angry and I just bought DVC so don’t have to pay!

Part of what makes me angry is that it seems like more reason to stay off-site. It is SO much cheaper, you get so much space and way better service. We did some factoring of off-site stays into our DVC calculations, but this cost makes POR vs. the Hilton a little bit of a different cost analysis which is frustrating to me only 4 months after having bought in.


I believe Disney is fundamentally changing their target customer. I believe that they will continue to raise prices on everything, cut back ‘included’ services and add more fees. At the same time, I think they will continue to offer more add-ons and VIP type experiences.

I believe Disney is focused on the luxury end of the guest spectrum. They are less interested in being a “volume” type business (lots of customers paying less) and are more interested in being a "luxury’ business (fewer customers paying more).

They don’t seem to be having issues filling hotel rooms or selling park tickets, or dessert parties, or whatever else.

So the parking fee comes in, it adds only $150 to a $4000 vacation, then the next thing… only adds $150 to a $4150 vacation, then the next thing, etc. But compare the cost of a WDW vacation today to what it cost ten years ago… (adjusted for inflation of course).

I just think Disney is basically saying “if you struggle with the cost of a Disney vacation, you are less important as a customer to us and are no longer our target customer.” Sounds harsh, but lots of companies do this . . . . luxury cars, jewelry, vacation spots etc.

So, parking fees don’t surprise me. Parking fees won’t deter me from my current trip, or my next one (although we don’t go ALL that often). But adding an extra $150 WILL affect somebody. Some family will not be able to take the vacation because of the parking fee, and the February rise in ticket prices, and the increased cost of hotel rooms.

And Disney, doesn’t likely care.


What passes for “magic” is changing? Walt Disney’s only concern with “industry standards” was leaving them in his dust. Walt Disney was about the experience, and the experience was still the main product on offer when I first visited WDW in 1976. You knew Disney (the company) was after every penny in your pocket, but you didn’t care because they were the world’s foremost experts at making you happy to spend your money.

Today it seems like “Disney magic” has come to refer mainly to their intellectual property. Access to the IP (characters, stories, worlds, etc.) has replaced the overall experience as the main product, and access is what they’re there to sell. “You want to meet Chewbacca? Well we’re the only one that has him, so how much are you willing to pay?” It’s basic capitalism, but it’s no longer Walt’s version of capitalism. For those of us who prefer Walt’s way, the “magic” seems to be fading.


I’ll always loathed having to pay for extras which are basically essentials, and I don’t know why companies add them, when they must know people hate them, and they could just roll them in to the headline price.

I hate being charged “administration fees” or “convenience fees” and other nonsense like that. I want one price that covers it all.

This is one of the reasons, I think, why British people hate American pricing especially — you don’t include tax, and then there’s the nonsense system of tipping.

I want a total and I want it up-front. Don’t pretend to bolt on extras when I can’t possibly avoid them.


I am guessing they are referring to the reports that the bonuses for CMs was being held hostage until they signed new contracts? There was something about this a couple of weeks ago.


It’s not just Brits who hate the American pricing scheme… many Americans (me included) do as well.



Don’t EVER try and buy a car in America!


Wish I had that choice…

I found the process of buying my current car (in the UK) so traumatising that I’ve vowed to keep it until it literally falls to pieces.


Hmm. I’ve found buying a car actually pretty easy once you know what car you want. The sales people make the process super easy. It is mostly just waiting around for paper to go from one hand to another. There hasn’t been much difference between leasing, buying new, or buying used for me in that regard. The biggest issue was in FINDING the car (in the case of used) or PICKING OUT the car in the case of new!

But I digress.

I think those items that Matt mentions originally were called out for a purpose. Tipping used to be less compulsory and really more just about determining how much you liked the service. Today, it doesn’t really matter how good your service is, the expectation for the tip is still there (and in some cases mandated for large parties). But this is because the way America allows for wait staff to make next to nothing in the hourly wage requires that they make it up in the tips (which they generally do).

Giving fees names like “convenience fee”, etc., usually means it is a way for the services they are providing are compensated. Going back to the example, the prices on the vehicles are those set by the manufacturer and only really applies to the car itself (although they price it to help cover commissions). But the extra work of doing the paper work required by law needs to be compensated somehow, so they will call it a “documentation fee”, etc. But you are paying for something above and beyond the car itself. Usually, though, a salesman will give you the final cost even at a per-month bases with all fees and down payments rolled in.

Yet, I totally agree with the premise of why are you charging me EXTRA for something that I can’t get out of no matter what, regardless?

But it gives me an idea. Since the Magical Express is free, and parking at the Orlando Airport is $10/day (well, depending on the lot), perhaps we should drive to the Orlando Airport, park there and then take the Magical Express for free to WDW itself!


My favorite is when you order tickets for a concert or Broadway show and there is a fee associated with the “Print At Home” option. So I’m using MY paper and MY ink - and you are still charging me $2.50 or more?? Main reason if it is for a show in NYC I will go to the box office directly.