Is the kids guide worth it if you have the regular guide?

I have the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2015. We are planning an 8 day trip for the end of August and beginning of September with myself, my wife and our 7 year old son. None of use have ever been to Disney World before, but have been to Disneyland many times (although usually only day trips and a couple of 2-day stays). We already have hotels and ADRs booked and know which parks we are going to go to on which days.
I love the guide, and especially the chapter about children. I was just wondering if it was worth it to pick up the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World with Kids 2015 or if it would mostly be duplicated information?
I looked at the preview on Amazon and it looks like most of the ride info is the same, with maybe a few added details related to kids. Is it worth getting anyway just for more kid related tips?

We got the guide, guide for kids, and the Color Companion. I can safely say that the guide is more than sufficient.

I just picked up the kids guide at my local library today. They have the latest version or at least the 2014 one. You might try that first!

Thanks for the tip about the library. Our local branch has a copy available in a few weeks, so we will check it out then.

Make sure that it’s a recent copy from the library, things are always changing at WDW!

Try ;The Guide to the magic’ by Tim Foster, I have just bought 4 for my kids and its very child friendly and includes activities.