Is the dining plan right for me?

As the DDP is back, I have been trying to work out what it is actually going to cost us as well as what it would cost if we paid out of pocket.
This is all from personal research and some assumptions (see below) I was initially working this out to calculate gratuities but it spiralled!
All just for informational purposes in the hope it may help someone else.

The context -
We are a family of 6: 4 adults and 2 children (6 and 8)
Travelling from the UK we are staying this coming Easter at CBR for 7 nights and have purchased regular DDP for the time we are there. That gives us 6 resort mugs, 42 snacks, 28 adult QS, 14 child QS, 28 adults TS and 14 child TS credits!!
We paid in pounds and DDP cost us £77.99 per day for adults and £24.99 per day for the children. Total cost then was £2534 OR $3227 (depending on exchange rates!)

In terms of TS eating, we are hoping to book the following - Ohana, Topolino breakfast, San Angel, Tusker, Yak+Yeti, Skipper Canteen and one more tbc) We aren’t huge drinkers but are likely order alcohol with some meals and regular drinks at others.

By my calculations, paying out of pocket would have cost us around $2300 for 7 meals, with Ohana and Tusker House being the most expensive. Paying a mandatory 18% gratuity means my bill for this will be in the region of $450. I’m not adding that as cost as we would be leaving gratuities in this region regardless of using DDP or paying out of pocket.

Quick service meals are a little more variable. Give that you get a main and drink for one credit I looked at few menus and averaged this out to be about $18 per meal for adults and $12 for children. Sure, you can get more for these credits but being realistic that won’t happen every time.
That gives a total of $644 for QS meals if paying out of pocket.

Snacks seem to vary greatly. For this I averaged out at about $5 per credit. Maybe slightly high, but we won’t be just getting soda/water! That means our 48 snacks have value of around $240

Resort Mugs are easy and come to around $105 for us all.

Overall then:
TS - $2300 (plus $450 gratuities)
QS - $644
Snacks - $240
Mugs - $105
Total of $3289!!

Lots of food but that is with $100 of what we paid for the plan!

We like the fact we can eat when and where we choose but higher value meals and alcoholic drinks are the way forward if getting more value that what you paid is your primary objective.

Hope this helps someone, feel free to correct me if I am wrong, I have made some assumptions and rounded here and there.


We got the dining plan for free in the beforetimes. It was added on to a trip we had already booked. The one thing I really didn’t like about it was figuring out what was and wasn’t on the plan and trying to plan what I was going to eat around that. I prefer to just order whatever I prefer. YMMV

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Do you mean what restaurants are included or app/desserts? In my experience all entrees, desserts and cocktails have been included and only apps and upcharges such as lobster tails are not included .

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That was my experience in 2019 as well. When you get to the QS though is can be a bit more confusing with sides and what is/isn’t included with an entree.
Does anyone know about using DDP for something like an entree for 2 like the rib eye for 2 at Toledo? Is that not on the DDP or can you put 2 credits towards it?

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We went with DP for our upcoming February trip. 3A and 2 C under 8 we love the prepaid aspect and put it all on my Disney visa . With all adults and not everyone drinking I’m sure you won’t save money but for now it will be ok .

I think I would consider the QS plan for part of my stay next time. With an under two year old in tow we probably won’t do a ton of table service. I’m
Also planning a split stay during garden festival. I read you can use snack credits at some booths?

Yes you can use the snack credits at lots of the booths for certain items (mainly food)
We were there for Flower and Garden in 2019 and are again this time. We had one evening using snack credits towards the end of our stay wandering around the booths, was great!

Sounds great— I think it makes sense for the Epcot heavy part of my stay. Did you do the QS plan?

Back before Covid, we used to get the dining plan. La Hacienda de San Angel had a platter for 2 entree that we ordered to share. We were able to use it (along with our drinks) as two credits for the dining plan. I would think it would still be the same?


WDW Prep School just did this this week - you can use two TS credits for it.


We were on the full service plan and are again. Looking forward to some different QS this time though as I didn’t give it much thought last trip.

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I always focus on table service too. Would be fun to try new places.

What items are included at QS or snacks. For example, going into one of the WS bakeries not everything is on the plan.

When you look at the menus there are symbols next to the name/price. They are a purple checkered square with a D/P on them.

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Items on the dining plan would have the DP logo on the item tag.

You can see the DP symbols on this food booth (Allears photo)

This is an old TP picture showing it in a case

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That wasn’t the point. The point is being limited to what’s on the plan instead of just buying whatever you want.

Sorry @CharleneTX I misunderstood your point. You are right that not everything is on the DP. Some of the higher value items in particular are excluded. That said, we found that on the whole there was very little that we missed out on because is was not a snack item on DDP.

Sure, it’s not an issue for everyone. I was answering with my experience. We also find it annoying keeping track of what credits we had left, but that was pre-app so I’m guessing that’s easier now.

Sorry, I must have misunderstood your post about figuring out what was on the plan.

No worries. It’s sometimes difficult to keep up with the conversation threading.