Is the Crowd Calendar for Dec 2020 include the impact of COVID-19

I have to plan my trip to Universal Studios Orlando in December 2021. I know that the crowd calendar does not yet show Dec. 2021 yet, but the people who are helping me with the booking needs it before Dec. 2020. I want to know if the crowd calendar for Dec 2020 is with the impact of COVID-19 or is it with out it?

The calendar for USO was recently updated based on current crowds. So I’d say its showing the impact of Covid. Which also could still be an impact for Dec 2021. These numbers could be similar to what you see next year, as a general idea.

Also, if you are looking for numbers pre-Covid, you can take a look at historic crowds to give you an idea of what it might be like when Covid has settled and things are more normal again.

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I truly appreciate the help. I just recently looked at the previous data and it showed what was predicted and what was actual, which is extremely helpful.

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I had the same problem when we postponed our Jan 2021 WDW trip to Jan 2022. We will be in the campgrounds, so I needed to make the reservations ASAP, but I know 2022 will be completely different from 2021. (And if it isn’t, we won’t go) So, I looked at Jan 2020 and shifted things around to match holidays.