Is the app emailing you a 6 digit security code every time you are logging in this week?

Earlier this week, the app made me create a new password. I have read that it is because of their website changes this week. But now, it is making me do the 6 digit security code EVERY TIME try to make a dining reservation. This causes an extra precious moment in the booking process and is frustrating. Is anyone else having this issue? Anyway around this? I know these security codes seem to be becoming regular for so many websites lately, but will it make us miss our most coveted adrs?

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I haven’t tried…but have you tried using the app instead? The app makes it pretty easy to book dining.

Generally if they can’t store cookies to remember a specific browser/computer, it will ask for a code, so it could be browser related.

ETA: Sorry…maybe you used the app. You mentioned websites, so wasn’t entirely sure if that meant you were trying to to book with the website instead of the app.

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