Is Starbucks mobbed in the parks?

My SIL & niece are HUGE Starbucks fans. I hear from Forum Peeps that you CAN use SB gift cards in the parks … and you can EARN SB Rewards but you cannot USE them. I’m wondering tho, since there is only one SB per park, if they tend to get mobbed during the peak season of July?

There’s often a wait. I find the one on Main Street (MK) to be the worst, and the one at the Fountain in Epcot to be the easiest/shortest wait. HS isn’t bad. And I find AK varies. But it could very well be just our timing. I will say one time at Main Street I decided to skip it altogether because one would have needed a FPP at that time! LOL

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One of my great WDW treats is my daily Frappuccino. The longest waits were at the one on Main St in MK, but I was happy to wait. It’s air-conditioned!


They tend to get busy, but air conditioned, so it’s a nice wait. The Starbucks at Disney Springs is a “real” Starbucks, so you can use your points there. It is also one of the biggest cafes on the East Coast.

just after RD in Jan - my bf waited 1/2 hr at starbucks in HS. not sure if that is the norm, but that - ummm - might - be a contributing factor to my solo trip in Sept LOL - don’t mess with my RD plan

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We found SBs at WDW less crowded than SBs at the CA Parks tends to be.

Of course there’s other options in Florida!

I did make sure to buy my park-specific mugs with my SB card, and even managed to do it on a double point day. SCORE. LOL!!

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Does anyone know if the other coffee places (like Joffrey’s) have almond or rice or soy milk? I don’t LOVE Starbucks, but if I want to get a fancy drink I can’t have regular milk. So since Starbucks has dairy-free options I often end up there…

Every time we walked past that one hoping to get a butterfinger cupcake it was heaving. Queuing out the door. I didn’t get my cupcake.

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Joffrey’s definitely have soy milk, not sure about rice or almond.


How does the the Starbucks app work (or not work) at the parks? Can it be used to pay for drinks? If so, does the mobile order component work?

You can use it to pay for drinks, and you earn stars. You can load funds onto it, including Starbucks gift cards. You cannot use any rewards earned (though I heard Disney Springs is different so maybe there)

I’m not sure on mobile order. That’s an interesting question. I’m thinking probably no, because the restaurant would maybe have mobile through MDE?

Couldn’t find a definitive answer through Google either, but looking through the app it appears to be a no-go. Only the Disney Springs location is an option.