Is Soaring open again? Just had a friend tell me they got a fast pass for THIS week

I go next week and was bummed because we were going to leave 1 day before it was supposed to reopen on June 17th. We leave Disney June 16th.

Yes, they re-opened with the old version at the end of May. We have FPPs for it on June15th. The new version starts on June 17.


Ok, thanks. Am going to try to switch up the FP I already have secured at Epcot then because we REALLY want to go on it and I am sure the stand by line will be an hour. I just checked Epcot FP and it is not even listed as “No fast passes available”…shouldn’t it be showing up?

I just tried to change my six Test Track FPPs on June 13 and several Soarin’ times showed up. Which day are you going?

Are you trying to change your first tier FPP? If you try to change your second tier FPP, Soarin’ won’t show up.

So confused…don’t know what tier, the fast passes I already have for Epcot are Mission Space 9:15, TT 10:40 and Meet Disney Pals 11:40. I think I was clicking on Meet Disney Pals each time I tried to check for the Soaring passes, is that why? If I have to delete MS or TT in order to get the Soaring FPs…should I? I somehow didn’t realize there was a tier system. Thanks!

So maybe my best strategy is to run to Soaring and ride that first…then continue on with my FPs which are Mission Space at 9:15 and TT at 10:40. I am not sure how I was able to get what are 2 Tier One fastpasses but it appears as though I was able to (did it at the 60 day point in April) but I don’t want to lose those if it was just a glitch I got away with.

Yes, that’s the problem. Changing Meet Disney Pals will only show you other tier 2 FPPs. TT is tier one, so you have to give that up in order to get Soarin’.

I believe that Mission:Space is tier 2

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When I clicked to change my Mission Space FP, Soaring did not show up. When I clicked Test Track FP, Soaring did show up. I guess I will just try to hit Soaring as our first ride at rope drop and then keep my two other FPs where they are… Mission Space at 9:15 and Soaring at 10:15

Test Track is the only one you can change to get Soarin’. Mission Space is tier 2, so it won’t work to try to change that.
You definitely need to get to EP early that day so you can be one of the first ones in the park and walk fast to Soarin’. Good luck!! Which day are you going?

Next Monday----so excited!!! We are rope drop kind of people anyway so we will be there first thing and run (speed walk as fast as they allow us to!!!) to Soaring. How does that work anyway at rope drop. Do people actually stay behind the cast member? Are they physically holding a rope as they walk you toward the attractions? Thanks!

We’ll be there next Monday too!! I haven’t been to EP for rope drop in a long time so I’m not sure what the procedure is now. You should be fine as long as you get there early and are near the front. Good luck!

Melissa and I were right on the rope to Soarin the other day. She got to the gates one hour before rope drop, so was first at one of the turn styles. I might have joined her a little bit later. :wink: Anyway, they walked us back to a rope set up right by Innoventions, where we were at the front. A whole bunch of cast members walked us back to Soarin, it was more like a really brisk walk. You must stay behind them as they are spread across the area, although they aren’t holding a rope. This was the day after Soarin reopened, so not sure if it is still the same now. They walked us into the building and around to the stairs/escalators. Only then did they let us go without them. We were on the first ride of the day, in B1 which is the best row (no feet dangling and center section). It was a great last ride on the old Soarin for us.

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Thanks for the helpful info!

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Great to know. I was shooting to be at the park turnstile 30 minutes before opening time…maybe I should bump that back earlier then.