Is RotR on the same level as FoP?

There’s the helpful topic for the ride with all the BG information but I haven’t seen a lot of what people think of the ride and if it’s on the same level as FoP? We love FoP and hands down think it’s the best ride at Disney. For our upcoming trip I’ve planned 3 days to park hop and ride FoP.

I’ve also planned 3 days of park hopping at HS which was put together prior to knowing about the BGs. Only one of those days allows us to go in the morning and that is the last day. If I feel we will regret not going multiple times I will start rearranging our plans to accommodate more early mornings.

To me, FOP was more of a simulator thrill ride - you stay in one spot, wear 3D glasses, and feel like you’re on one wild flight. Thrill ride seekers would prefer that one, multiple times. RotR is a very immersive experiential thing - CM’s are role-playing, you go to several different rooms/hallways/areas as the story plays out. RotR is about the whole experience, not the “ride.” I’d say try to do RotR at least once, maybe earlier in your trip so you can decide if you need to do it again (which means another day). I think RotR is way above FOP in terms of complexity, theming, immersive feel. But FOP is much more the thrill ride.

Len has posted on chat that in TP surveys, RotR has replaced FOP as the best rated ride in Orlando. The only slightly negative review I have seen was @Randall1028’s first review, and he upped his rating on the second ride.

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I think it will end up being my favorite ride at Disney. Had a non-ideal party on the ride this morning. But I think on a reride it’ll be great.

And I love FoP, but RotR is just so much more.

@mkmuzzy is spot-on here. If your group is looking for pure thrills, they’ll prefer FOP. But RotR is hands-down the more complete experience — the scale and immersion blow FOP away. This trip we did AK our last day (after having ridden RotR twice) and it is the only time I’ve ever gotten off FOP feeling “meh” about the experience.

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Thanks all for the responses! Definitely sounds like I need to update out 1st day at HS to arrive in the morning.

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I’ve done both, though RotR just once. I’m an intense Star Wars fan, so I loved the RotR experience. That said, as a “ride” FoP is marginally better. The experience of RotR from start to finish is giggle-all-the-time fun for Star Wars love. The actual in-vehicle ride is super fun, but you’re not doing anything crazy wild like a great coaster (Expedition Everest, RockNRollerCoaster) or other thrill ride (Tower of Terror). The ride itself is pretty mild, but the experience is awesome. The experience of FoP is so much more intense and focused.

So I guess bottom line is I would say its hard to compare – they are very different! But all great – do them all!!!


I’ve done ROTR twice. My initial score was a 7 (out of 10), where FOP is a 10. Like @Randall1028 I increased the score (to an 8) after the second ride. My travelling companions rated it 4, 7, 7 and 7. The 4 was because of the break (there’s a line to wait in) between the stormtrooper room and the interrogation room — she said it pulled her out of the ride.

My own view is that it is incredibly ambitious in scale, with many different elements and technologies. Aspects of it are mildly awesome / jaw-dropping. The CMs do a great job.

There are gaping holes in the plot line. Does Kylo Ren not have eyes in his head? We’re right there. And who the hell gets to say to him “You’re needed on the bridge” and off he goes.

I have little emotional investment in Star Wars. So I’m not the target market.

FOP is a must-do. ROTR is not quite at that level. The flow needs tightening. (And it’s a graduate of the UOR school of “Yay! You made it! You’re heroes! Come back whenever you want!” We didn’t actually do anything. We were captured, we were rescued and we ran away.)


I hate to agree with @mousematt (on principle, we all should just give him grief) but I agree. And I AM a Star Wars teary-eyed fan.


I don’t know why, but it really upsets me every time someone congratulates me at the end of a UOR ride. FJ is probably my least favorite on that front.

I have not ridden it yet, but based on videos I have seen it sounded like RotR’s plot (spoilers) is that you try to join the Resistance, gets captured, gets saved and then comes back to Batuu (from where you were originally leaving) and they congratulate you? Is this really the case? Does it make any more sense in real life?

I’m not sure what you’re referring to with the blindness thing? For the “We’re needed on the bridge” line, if you are on the far side of the cell, you can see the panel change and Hux looks at it and relays the message. Someone is requesting something from them.

The “4” is justified…from a certain point of view. Being herded into the room, then being somewhat urgently (cause that’s the story) herded into the hallway to “interrogation” where you only end up waiting in a hallway that does nothing does indeed put the brakes on the story and experience in a major way. This happened on my first ride which I can definitely say colored my view a bit.

I think, once they get the kinks of the ride worked out and it’s running like a well oiled machine, it’s gonna be far more fluid and immersive.

But I wholeheartedly think the ending needs changed. Why that was the ending that was written and approved is a total headscratcher for me. This is a straight up FAILED mission. You don’t meet up with Leia, you don’t end up enlisting, in fact the the Resistance comes back to only take a hit(they lose a ship or two), you escape, and there’s no sense accomplishment. I do not feel “satisfied” by running from a fight. Also, how is this a ‘RISE OF THE RESISTANCE’ if the mission failed?

In FOP, you rode the banshee, you evade and tell that Red Banshee to go pound sand, and you end up on the sea scape to take it all in. You “win” … in Rise, you don’t win, at best you… “escape.” Which is kinda lame.

All in all, a ride to ride comparison? I like RotR far over FOP. Rise has it’s issues, but as I’ve continually said, the Castmembers are the tipping point and they go all out. It also helps the whole thing has a musical accompaniment that plays out like you’re living in the movie. Little details like that are just monumentally impressive.(like the shadows of the characters being projected into your cell) You feel the urgency of getting to the transports, you feel a little foreboding once you’re captured, and you definitely feel the tension that stuff is about to go down as you start the ride itself. Like I also said, if I could just do the preshow and skip the ride, that’d be just fine by me. Cause the Castmembers are killin’ it.

FOP…it’s just Soarin’… with cat people. :wink:


I asked this before on a different thread - anyone have motion sickness? DH can’t to ST - he said if there is more than 30 seconds of pitching he won’t do it? How much 3D? Any glasses?

RotR has no 3D glasses and just a short section in a simulator that does some pitching. I got queasy in ST and had to close my eyes for most of it. FoP wasn’t fun for me because only about 20% of the screen was in focus in my progressive eyeglass lenses. Also a dizzying experience. But RotR didn’t bother me at all. For me, it is by far the best thing at WDW and not to be missed. It’s in a class by itself.


Holy cow I’m going to lose my mind. You did not just either. Really for real?! You don’t truly think that right?


Lol course not. (Woulda thought the wink would’ve been the hint that I was kidding :frowning: my bad. )


You are very subtle. Well, not. Interactive Liner-ness

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Oh thank goodness! I was worried! :grinning:

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