Is Room Service worth it?

I was considering getting pre-scheduled room service for breakfast on one of our days that we aren’t rope-dropping. (I assume we can schedule it the day before?)
However, when I was reading online, people are saying it isn’t all that fresh. Would it be better to just go order breakfast to go and bring it up to the room myself?
Can anyone tell me about their personal breakfast room service experience?
We will be staying at Wilderness Lodge. Would be ordering breakfast to arrive around 8am.

We have done room service breakfast for our departure morning before, and it was very convenient. Room service has always been delivered reasonably fresh, even at Bay Lake Tower where they have to bring it all the way over from Contemporary. We were in pretty much the furthest villa from the walkway, too. If you’re in the further buildings at Grand Flo or Poly I can see how it might be a little less fresh, but I would think that a small resort like Wilderness Lodge where they don’t even have to go outside would be no problem.


That is good to hear! Thank you!

We’ve done room service for breakfast at GF and felt it was fresh. Expensive certainly but convenient.


I have found at the Deluxe resort, it was very fresh and it’s a nice little splurge for us at least one morning during our trip. We ordered from the Gran Destino Tower last time and had a totally different experience. The bagels were the worst we’ve ever had (and it’s a bagel - how do you mess up a bagel?).


Good to know! Yeah… how DO you mess up a bagel?

A six dollar bagel has little to no room for error.


By charging six dollars for it! :slight_smile:

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