Is ROL dining package worth it?

Hi, I’ve booked a TH lunch at AK for 6 people for the ROL dining package for Thanksgiving day 2019. We really want to all see ROL b/c it will have been 4 yrs since our last WDW visit and ROL is new to us–anything nighttime at AK is new. I was sure of the dining package when I booked but since then I’ve seen that there are typically low crowds for ROL even after it’s been revamped to We Are One. Any advice about this? Can I get into ROL on a high crowd day like that without the dining package? I’m having a little sticker shock b/c last time we were at WDW my 3 kids were kids but 2 of them are now adults in Disney’s dining so I have a hefty price tag for 6 people. But at the same time I want the guaranteed seating if it turned out to be packed. We would still plan to get there about a half hour early regardless.

Would you not eat at Tusker House if you were not getting the package!

If you want to see ROL and you want a themed character buffet, it is a good value for a TS credit. If you are paying out of pocket or you don’t like character buffets, I’d consider other options. Also, ROL is mellower than the other evening shows. I liked it, but DS5 and DS7 were asleep almost instantly.

I think you can still get into ROL without the package. It is just a matter of making it a priority and lining up early enough. That’s a CL10 day, yes?

Does Tusker House have a special presentation for Thanksgiving?

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Thanks all. We did TH once and loved it. It was 5 yrs ago so would be “new” to the kids. I remember loving the food although I’ve read recent reviews and can tell that not everyone is loving the current food. We won’t have the dining plan so will be paying out of pocket. I did see that TH did some sort of Thanksgiving food in 2018 and that would be our only T themed meal that day. We’re splitting up for dinner b/c my friend really wants a fancy meal at Tiffins but I thought it would be wasted on my kids and they’re going with their dad to Yak and Yeti. So the only “we’re here eating a Thanksgiving meal together” is the TH lunch.

And yes it is a CL 10 day. Our other two Thanksgivings at WDW we skipped parks entirely that day but this year we’re trying to get more park time in so will brave AK.

I really liked it before and wanted to go back.

I think that for the time of year, if you want to see ROL TH is a great choice to secure that. I think it’s definitely a better value if on the dining plan, but in this situation especially, because of the crowds, I think it’s not a bad price to pay out of pocket either.

As to the food at TH, we have been often in the past 5 years and the offerings have not really changed a lot, nor has the quality. I have found a shift in the service and quality of the character interaction, but not so much that we have been deterred from going. It remains high on our family list of favorites, and everyone requests it each visit.


I would definitely keep it then.

I’ve seen RoL four times: Spring Break '17, 4th of July '17, December '17, and June '18. Every time it has been packed.

I used to use FP for it (which I hated because it ties up a FP so late and prevents going for that 4th FP) and then in June we did the TH dining and I very much thought it was worth it.

Our family LOVES this show. For us, it is a must do and we find it very relaxing. I have the CD with the original music on it and listen to it a LOT.

So my vote is yes.

Plus, TH is now my fave character meal on property. :slight_smile:

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The difference between lunch at Tusker House and the ROL Tusker House dining package is about $50 for 6 people. So think of this as purchasing tickets to the show with guaranteed siting. Hope this helps.

BTW, I’m doing the same for a family of 4 precisely because we wanted lunch at Tusker House and guranteeed ROL seating.