Is Rafiki's Planet Watch worth it?

I have some time between Kilimanjaro Safaris FPP and the Festival of The Lion King. We are doing Gorilla Falls and eating at Tusker House. Is Rafiki’s area worth it or not really? Kiddos are 2 and 5.

Yes! My DD is not an animal lover yet she loved planet watch!!

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Honestly, it was nice for a break away from the crowds, but it was a one and done for my family. Mostly because it took a lot of time out of our day. But the kids did enjoy the Wilderness Explorers activities.

“Worth” is so subjective… You’ve read the above. For me, it was 60 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back…

To piggyback on what @bswan26 is saying, I will only continue to go as long as DD7 enjoys it. If it were me and DH, we would not go back.

Our daughter ( age 4) loves the petting zoo. Last trip she spent about 30 minutes brushing goats. Doc McStuffins also has a meet & greet there, which usually has far shorter waits than the one at Studios.

When my kids were young it was the one thing they remembered the most. Like someone else mentioned, the goat brushing was a highlight. We also were able to get some character pics - it was so uncrowded that the characters were actually following my kids and interacting with them because no one was around. Agree with another responder too, it was a break from the crowds that was well needed. I say give it a shot