Is pin trading still a thing?

When we were at WDW 10 years ago, pin-trading was very popular. Is it still so? Or has something replaced it?

It was still a thing dec 2016. Hoping it is still a thing end of this year too :slight_smile:

My eight year old did it last year and was very into it. So it is still around.

Pin trading is alive and well at WDW. Several cast members (if not more)are usually around rides and attractions, willing to trade. You will have no problems trading .

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Be aware that CMs will only trade genuine Disney pins.

I’ve seen people really upset having bought pins on eBay to get started, only to find they’re not genuine WDW ones and the CMs wouldn’t trade.

Stick to ones bought in the parks or on shopDisney etc.

I was at WDW fall 2017. It was alive and well! Pin trading opportunities everywhere! It was so much fun!

I just bought some off Amazon. Hoping at least some are legit. If not it was $16 and not the end of the world.

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Is that a change in policy? I’d heard stories about CM boards where they stowed the knock-offs they’d received during the day, but that’s purely hearsay…