Is Parking a "Resort Fee" or a completely separate thing?

We’re looking at attending a convention in the summer of '23. The convention has 2 hotels that they’ve negotiated group rates for. The Contemporary and Coronado Springs. The prices are pretty good on both. The thing I’m curious about is that both have an * by the price with a note further down. *Resort fees have been waived. Applicable taxes not included.

I’ve tried googling Disney Resort fees and the only thing people talk about is the parking fee. But is that really the same as the “resort fee” in this particular instance or is that just a reassurance that the group rate price will only have tax added on, but that we’ll still be paying for parking?

Hmm. Disney Resorts don’t have a resort fee. But you do have to pay for parking. So I’d be confused by the terminology as well.

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ppl have reported being charged a cleaning/housekeeping fee, but contested it and had it removed.

Yep, there are no resort fees at all on WDW property, aside from parking which is its own charge

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Really? I have not seen this! That is shocking and completely unacceptable especially in the limited format it is currently in! I would contest that too!


it was a liner in these threads a few months back

I agree!

and who would stay at any resort that charges for cleaning?

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I actually think the idea of a “resort fee” is ridiculous as well. It is a marketing game. I’d love to check into a place and say, “I only plan to sleep here. I don’t be using any of the resort amenities, so please remove the resort fees. Thanks.” I’m sure they’ll happily oblige!



Apparently I just didn’t read all the fine print. About 4 sections further down on the page, they list the specific fees for parking at both hotels, along with a note that the convention itself is at the Coronado so anyone staying at the Contemporary will have transportation between the two provided.

So I still don’t know what kind of “resort fee” they’ve waived, but it wasn’t the parking fee.

I’m leaning toward the Contemporary because it’s a really good price (almost half the normal cost) but I have to convince the rest of the family it’s worth it to be further away from the main convention site.


Agreed. Though it’s exactly the same scam as tipping and not including taxes in the headline cost.

Prices should be all-inclusive.


…and right on the doorstep of the magic.

How is that a difficult sell??? Are they also going to the convention?


The convention is a kids group and we’re tagging extra days onto it so we can get some park time. My wife isn’t a big theme park person but tolerates them because the kids and I love them so much.

Contemporary at the discount would be slightly more than DVC rental which is what we normally do. Coronado at the discount is just under the DVC rental prices. I’ve got a decent chance of justifying that it’s worth it to do Contemporary for this experience.


So, here’s a question: it sounds like you’ve stayed at Contemporary before? Maybe this is a good opportunity to experience a new location? CSR is a beautiful place. And if the family is attending the convention it might make the most sense.

I thought it was just you - and that didn’t make sense to me for your family to protest being close to a park

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We’ve only done 2 family trips so far. Polynesian using DVC points (it was the resort my grandparents took us to as kids), and Old Key West using points. I enjoyed OKW and it was definitely cheaper than Poly, but Poly will always be what I think of as home.

I’d love to try Contemporary, even though I’m pretty sure the convention block will be in the Garden Wing and not the A-frame given the discount being offered. While there will obviously be convention guests at the Contemporary, I’m going to point out that the majority of the loud kids are likely to be at the Coronado block. :wink:


Sounds like it needs to be CSR this time

While Coronado Springs is a lovely resort, the rooms are moderate size. Since your experience is OKW and Poly, I’d go with Contemporary, especially if you’re getting a savings.

Also, from Coronado, if you’re using Disney transport you’ve one choice. You’re limited to Coronado’s restaurants which are nice, but could be crowded.

At Contemporary, the monorail can take you to two parks. And you’ve got 3 other resorts’ restaurants for food options, counting Wilderness Lodge but leaving out Fort Wilderness.

Given the noise factor of the Coronado convention center and the Contemporary tower, I’d love to experience a Garden Wing room. :blush: