Is Pandora worth it if you dislike Avatar?

I don’t understand why I like some things and don’t like others.

I love Family Guy. Have seen every episode multiple times. Can’t stand The Simpsons. Have struggled through maybe two episodes. Tried Rick and Morty — thought it was awful. Didn’t even like American Dad — and that’s made by the same people as Family Guy.

I say I don’t like cartoons, but I loved Toy Story. All three of them.

Loved Dan Brown books until his latest. Couldn’t make progress with it.

Sometimes our tastes change. Back in my youth (junior high), I kind of fell in love with reading with the Dragonlance Chronicles books. I read the trilogy, then the next trilogy, and the next. Then, all of a sudden, I just couldn’t read them any longer. Years later, I even tried to re-read Dragonlance Chronicles and found it had completely lost its appeal. But I’m thankful for them because it led me to become a prolific reader.

Back on topic…I watched Avatar. It was okay. Basically, it was just Dances With Wolves reimagined. I liked Dances With Wolves better. BUT, I’m still really looking forward to visiting Pandora in our next trip.

I don’t do Kevin Costner movies. Too long. Don’t like him.

I’ve seen Avatar three or four times. Once in 3D at the movies. The rest on TV. I love the creativity of it. I’m not in love with the story particularly: it’s unoriginal and stereotypical.

Returning to the main theme of the thread, I don’t think it matters if you don’t know the plot of the movie associated with a ride, or don’t like the movie. I know the ride came first, but the Pirates of the Caribbean movies bored me to tears. Well, I only watched the first two.

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Hear, hear! :slight_smile: That was a ride that did NOT need a movie. But it seems to have worked out quite well for Disney, so what do I know? :slight_smile:


This is a diverse forum and all viewpoints are welcome. Still, that may have been a step too far. I’ll give Peter Jackson credit, though (despite the sacrilege). The special effects were stunning. And Howard Shore’s score was nothing short of breathtaking.

That’s a good idea. I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks.

That’s exactly what I’m saying. I watch very little television and go to movies only rarely. We’re about 90% incompatible where TV and movies are concerned. She doesn’t mind going to movies without me, and prefers that I leave the room when she’s watching TV.

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Sorry. I’ll go stand with my nose in the corner. :slight_smile:

Okay. Because I think that if you WATCH the first three movies, it would be enough to appreciate WWoHP. (Of course, I’m partial to the books more than the movies, but the theming is more movie-centric.) But if watching is off the table, I still recommend listening to Jim Dale’s narration if only to be amazed at his talent. A unique voice for every character…more than 100 such voices in the final book.

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To be honest you can get away with just watching the first Harry Potter movie. The others are all the same. Basically. Harry Potter faces a difficult obstacle. And then he overcomes it.

The first film introduces all the main concepts and gets you up to speed.

I was only thinking about Hogsmeade and the Dementors, which are mostly covered in number 3.

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Oh. Yes. Hogsmeade. Good point. But then that’s the “worst” bit of WWOHP in my view. It’s weird visiting it in the summer, because all the buildings have snow on them yet it’s ninety degrees.

Um. It is MAGIC, silly!



Don’t be posting pictures of WWOHP. It will make me want to go there.

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Also, that chimney is wholly unrealistic. It’s leaning so far over it would fall off the roof. What a shambles.

That’s the kind of intel I’m looking for. Thanks.

And uh, oh yeah, ride FOP even if you think Avatar sucked.

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I don’t give a rat’s buttocks about Avatar and I thought Pandora was by far the most beautiful ‘‘land’’ in all of WDW and FoP was by far the greatest ride I ever experienced. Both times my fellow riders were breathless with amazement after it ended. :smiley:


Well…what are you planning to do between your December Disney trip and your July 2019 trip?

I wonder if it’s just the realization that you need to “invest” in these worlds that ends up becoming the turn off. Star Wars was like that for me. For YEARS I was a huge star wars nut. Read books, comics, watched movies, fan films, and had just about every iteration of the original trilogy purchased.

Then Lucas and Co went through and changed half of all the backgrounds with the prequels and I just felt like all my time I had invested was suddenly wasted. Which is a weird thing consider it’s all fake to begin with.

Then here comes Harry Potter and I’m seeing the same trajectory… starts off all this lore that’s goes along with it and I realize it’s almost pointless to get invested in it because it can all change on a whim. Just look at these Fantastic Beasts movies… they’re being ripped apart by critics and it’s only a matter of time till it’s retconned to something wholly new. Or rebooted.

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Man…isn’t the new trilogy just killing you ??? No Mara Jade, no Thrawn (Snooke…really ? come on !!!), Solo twins replaced by a spoiled Emo with anger management issues… :grimacing::rage::dizzy_face:


Thing is, nothing is really changing in the Harry Potter case. In fact, in book one of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s (Philosopher’s) Stone, when Harry gets the chocolate frog with Dumbledore’s card, the description mentions him being famous for his defeat of Grindewald in 1945. And in his list of books he has to bring to school, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” by “Newt Scamander” is in the list.

Thank you! Kylo Ren is more Dark Helmet than he is Darth Vader.


My Take on this for you:

If you like thrilling sim rides, you’ll enjoy it.
If you liked the Ikran riding scenes in the movie, you’ll like it even more. (which you probably didn’t)


You have a bonus in here. The glass is half full. If you like sim rides, then fp FOP, and you be the judge. But the bonus is this: The rest of the park seems to be less crowded, and if you are an early riser, the OTHER rides in other areas might just be walk ons, or close to it, for a while, because everyone is clamoring to Pandora.

I’d definitely use a FP for FOP.

Depending on the crowd level, get a fop early, and then bug out of there. You can probably crush 4th, 5th, 6th fp’s for the things you want afterwards.

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