Is Pandora worth it if you dislike Avatar?


Oh, yes. I was so disappointed that they didn’t make the Heir to the Empire series. But, I’ll say, I’m thoroughly enjoying Episodes VII and VIII so far. I’m just pretending the prequels never existed, however.


It’s still so wrong that Hayden Christensen replaced Sebastian Shaw at the end of Return of the Jedi in new releases of the original trilogy!!!


It is. Let’s not forget the Empire, known to be racist…and sexist…and evil… now has both Women to hold high ranking positions and black men to be in their ranks (it’s what made Mara so special that she was a female holding that high of a position) as well as non humans. Or the fact that the side the LOST the war somehow has the upper hand now for some inexplicable reason.


I don’t know. From what I’ve read J. K. Rowling rules the Potter universe with an iron fist. She doesn’t strike me as being prone to Lucas’ mistakes.


Well, they lost the battle, not necessarily the war. But as far as the “inexplicable reason”. Don’t worry. Disney has you covered. I’m sure they will make movies or a new TV series to fill in the blanks. :wink:


Kylo Ren is awesome…until he takes the mask off…then he is even worse than Rick Moranis !!!


I think we all know that I hate to disagree with anyone, but . . .



I acknowledge and accept that I’m the only person in the world who likes it, but I think it’s magical. It’s the best boat ride (POTC, IASW, etc.) on property.

In conclusion:


(But, yeah. Don’t waste an FPP on it. That would be crazy.)


I have to agree with this. We waited standby for about an hour and were really disappointed. It’s pretty sure, and I’d do it again if it was a walk on, but I don’t think it’s worth waiting more than like 10-15 minutes…


Rowling does rule the Potter universe with an iron fist, which is why we have the awesome WWOHP at Universal, and not some lame embarrassment tacked on to the back of Fantasyland that Disney wanted. Way to leave money on the table, Disney. Billions.

But she’s got a reputation for cheating. Like the whole Dumbeldore being gay thing.


No, they lost the war. Full stop. Rebels won, empire fell. It was very clear at the end of RotJ (and the countless books that followed) that the Empire was done after the Emperor died.

As far as the Potter stuff not changing… true… it hasn’t. Yet. But once the critics continue to rip things apart and the studios want to see more money, things can and will change.

Perfect case in point. There was absolutely no indication of this and it was a “whimsy” comment she made about Dumbledore after being hounded over and over again about who would be gay in the Potterverse. Suddenly it’s “always” been that he’s gay. BS. he wasn’t conceived as such and it was pandering. Expect to see more of this in the future, and that’s what leaves me disenchanted (pun intended).


Ugh well I’m happy for you and I wish I could say the same. I much preferred Rogue One. The new trilogy makes me complain almost non-stop while I’m watching. My wife doesn’t even want to watch them with me anymore !!! :smile:


Yeah !!! Like how ???

Any regime stupid enough to make the same exact strategic mistake THREE TIMES has absolutely zero credibility…


I agree! Personally, I love it. I know that makes me crazy in the eyes of many. I can’t do FOP due to motion sickness issues. NRJ is a beautiful, serene ride that doesn’t make me sick.


Unpopular opinion (and action): I’m wasting a FPP on this and looking forward to it on my trip next week :smiley: I will not be seeking to ride FOP.


Unless you find the source material offensive or against your values, it’s worth it to ride FOP. I liked the movie ok, but was not one of those people that left the theater in a depression because my real life paled in comparison. On the other hand, I love everything about Pandora (except Na’vi, I could live without that ride). The thing for me is that it is SO Disney, in the sense that it’s a completely immersive land with a deep rich story line. The sights, sounds and smells all come together to create an experience you won’t get anywhere else. The attention to detail is unparalleled. In fact, when we were there last, I took pictures of the texture on the walls and ground to use as overlays for my photography. You’ll know as soon as you walk over the bridge if you love it or hate it. Rope drop the day, go to your headliners and FP+ FOP. Unless it’s a CL 8+ day, you’ll easily be able to do it all.


Splash Mountain is not a boat ride, I’ve decided, otherwise that might be the best one.

But there’s some great imagineering in NRJ. I love the big leaves overhead. You can see the shadows of frogs jumping on them and, as they do so, the leaves sway because of the change in weight, just as they would if they were real.


Admittedly, Episode VII is just a re-telling of Episode IV. But it gave me that “kid at heart” feeling I had when I watched Star Wars as a kid. And Episode VIII? Well, my DS19 and I vehemently disagree on this point. But I might possibly rank it as my FAVORITE Star Wars movie. I have to watch it more to be sure. Not that it is perfect. It isn’t. None of them are. (For example, while Episode V is typically considered the best of the series, the timeline of events in that movie doesn’t make sense at ALL.) But Episode VIII literally brought me to tears at one point, and in other points I was on the edge of my seat. Great blend of humor, drama, action. And unlike the prequels, was not a special effects fest.

Rogue One was good. But I hated the ending. Um. Why would Princess Leia have come along for the most dangerous of battles? She wouldn’t have. But she was put there for the sake of the shock value of the reveal. As a result, it kind of ruined the rest of the film for me. Still, I found the movie up to that point very compelling. It just didn’t QUITE feel like Star Wars.


yeah…same feeling. Probably for a different reason though.

Never rage-cried before. Very new experience. :rofl:


Well. At least there’s that! :wink:

The problem with subjectivity is it is all so…subjective!


I should state, that I actually liked NRJ.
I’d fully recommend skiping it if you were not a fan of the movie, though. It has some really kewl details that I think would be enhanced if you liked the details in the movie. I wouldn’t wait for more than 15 minutes for it, however.