Is Ollivander's just a way to sell wands?

Sorry I don’t mean to be cynical but if from what I can see from youtube videos it seems like Ollivanders is just a big gift shop with a short show?

If someone was not a Harry Potter fan would there be any reason to spend time at Ollivanders or would time be better spent at other ride based attractions?

Thanks in advance.

The short show is pretty fun, especially if you or a kiddo gets chosen for wand fitting.
Then, the wands sold at Universal are able to cast spells at various locations around DA and HM.
Ollivander’s itself is decorated well, so it’s similar to the prank shop and candy store. Worth going in? Yep! There to sell stuff? Yep!
Most enjoyed tho with some love/care for HP.


Went to show and it was cute. But yes they are there to make you buy a wand for your kid. After the short show where your kid was picked for the demo, you can bet your kid is going to want that wand. Shows are every 15 minutes so guess how many wands they sell via the show. Now being fair, I am not a big HP fan though I have seen the movies and read the books. Interactive wands at $60 a piece and robes at $130 is not on our shopping list, but for those that are BIG fan’s, I can see how they are a must. If you have the money to spend. GO FO IT! No worst than buying a Light Saber or Droid at WDW, not to mention a $300 popcorn bucket. :grin:


Tbh…I love WWOHP, but most of it is a giant shopping and dining complex. (Especially Diagon Alley)

However, it’s so beautiful and amazing that I love throwing my money at it!


That’s pretty much the point of everything at UOR and Disney, frankly. They want to sell you stuff. The rides and attractions are really there to try to get you to spend more money, after all.

Having said that, the show is cute, particularly for younger guests who “still believe in magic”. But, in all the times we’ve gone, we’ve done it twice…and the second time, it was because we had some family with us who wasn’t there to see it with the first time!

Instead, we just skip the show and go straight for the wand shop! :slight_smile:


You can tell the attendant that you do not want your child chosen if you are against buying a wand.

Yep. To each their own. I would not buying a $60 wand, but I am not hesitating in the least about buying a $230 lightsaber from Savi’s!

We bought the $200 light saber (no bag) and the $60 wand and a $130 Ravenclaw robe. But, weirdly I’m not normally into merch.

I think it is worth doing once for everyone. I thought it was an amazing show and I was enchanted throughout. DD was picked. We liked it so much that we did the show on the other side too. The shows are slightly different. For the second show, I told DD to hold her wand out in front of her when we got to the front of the line so that someone else would be picked. She is so stinkin’ cute and we were obviously a fan-family so I figured there was a good chance she’d be picked again.

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Same! We did it during Covid (April 2021) and it was just me and DD18 (at the time) in the show so of course she was picked. It was really a lot of fun. We love to be immersed and are always willing to suspend belief in order to enjoy. In the end, though, she didn’t want the wand picked for her. She did buy one of the interactive wands, but she wanted Hermione’s. We didn’t feel any pressure to buy anything let alone the wand that was chosen for her. I highly recommend for HP fans. My daughter isn’t a huge fan, but she still loved it.

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The first time we went to Ollivander’s my then DD12(?ish) was desperate to be picked. Naturally, they chose me instead and the good parent that I am totally threw my kid under the bus and enjoyed every minute of the experience. DH took pity on the situation and took DD through a second time. Luckily it was a small group and they picked her the second time around. And yes, we bought the wand!


Exactly, if we’re going down the cynical route then EVERYTHING is about opening your wallet more.

Ollivander’s is a cute show, but it loads SLOW, especially in IOA. I believe it’s worth doing, but if you aren’t into Potter and your touring points you towards other things then follow your touring plan.


The wand chooses the wizard.

Yeesh. Muggles.


The first time we went, we were waiting outside and I asked my kids if they wanted wands. My son did, and my daughter said she didn’t need one.

Of course, my daughter got picked and of course, she wanted to buy the wand that chose her. So, great job, Ollivander show for getting another sale. :slight_smile: