Is my shirt inappropriate?!?

I need honest opinions here please. :slight_smile:

I’m a mother, so I really don’t like it when people wear offensive shirts in public (swear words, middle fingers, girls in thongs, etc.).

However, I have an _Inside Out_themed shirt that I LOVE and I think it’s perfect for wearing at theme parks, but I’m worried about offending people.

It has a picture of a wagon flying through the air with a rainbow behind it and reads: Damn You Bing Bong.

I wear it often because I think that “Damn” is an acceptable curse…they use it in church! But I’d hate to offend families.

Please weigh in. My trip is 30 days away. :slight_smile:

I do not personally find it offensive, but I would strongly suspect you would be asked to change or turn it inside out.

I think you’d be fine.

It is borderline. And to be clear, the use of damn when referring to damnation in church is quite different than using it as a curse word. Your shirt’s use is definitely in the curse word territory.

BUT, the word is definitely much more acceptable. I just don’t know if it is Disney acceptable or not.

It is hard to address the “offending people” thing. I don’t swear. Like, ever. But at the same time I’m surrounded daily by people who swear and hear it on TV/movies constantly. It doesn’t offend me, generally, although too much of it turns me off. I just don’t like it.

I applaud your sensibilities in questioning it at all, regardless of your final decision.

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I think the question I would ask you is do you feel that your day/mood will be affected if a CM tells you you must change? If not, then go for it. If you think it will bum you out to be told it’s not ok to wear it, then don’t bother because it may make you feel awkward. My friend has a LARGE Elvira tattoo piece across her chest and her first day in DW, her first trip ever, and older CM told her she would have to “cover up or get off the train” at AK. Long story short, she was not made to cover up and a manager told her she was fine and that the older CM had no right to say that, but she was singled out in front of everyone and it was embarrassing and she still talks about how awful she felt. Just think ahead because no one likes to be made to feel singled out or scolded, ESPECIALLY in Disney of all places. Side note: I think that shirt is AMAZING! :slight_smile:

Former CM weighing in. For me that would be completely tame from the terrible shirts I saw while working. Another thing to consider though is your PhotoPass pictures - especially those with characters. Depends on the QA person you get, but they might not put your photos through because of the shirt. And most likely in posed shots the photographer will try to pose you and your group in a way where you can not read it. Can’t say this will for sure happen - it all depends on the CM - but it is something to think about. Same goes for ride photos.

hehe I think if you gotta ask, you already know the answer.


Agreed with Randall.

I feel like if you were only going to Universal, it’d be fine. But at Disney, it’s more delicate. More families, more younger kids, etc.

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Have you thought about getting a sticker and placing it over the M and writing in an R. It’ll be obvious to all the adults, but the younger kids won’t know why you have an R on your sticker.


I don’t think it is offensive. I’ve seen people wear really revealing outfits at Disney that seem more inappropriate than your shirt. As well as people wearing shirts about drinking excessively (usually WS drinking). I would say wear it as long as you have a plan if something is said about it.

While I agree that it’s not that big of a deal, I’d prefer not to explain to my starting-to-read child what that means. So I’d say not really inappropriate (I swear like a sailor!) but it’s borderline for this venue.

Damn if I know!


Agree with Randall. If you’re asking, then it’s a no go.

It’s silly that we have to worry about stuff like this. With all the 12 and 13 year old girls running around the parks with short shorts and their butt cheeks hanging out(come on dads, stop this) I can’t see how this shirt would offend people! However, we are a society of people who tend to get offended easily it seems. Then folks will be wanting to sue you for mental anguish! I actually like the response and idea that @Ariadne gave. The sticker might be a cleaver way. Even make it a Mickey shaped sticker, I’m sure you could get creative with it. I do not think it’s offensive at all but I can see where sensitive folk might take offense.

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