Is my phone ready to get in the front gate?

Will someone help me know if my phone is squared away for getting in the gate and making first LL booking?:

I click on Disneyland app …

Screen says Hello, David

I click on Summon Disney Genie

Next screen I hit Start Now

Next screen: it knows visit is Monday, and which park

Next screen has my name and a 4-digit number, and my fiancee and her 4-digit number

It asks if I want to link a ticket – does that mean if there was an additional person? (there isn’t)

Does it sound like I’m ready, or is there something I still need to do?

I bought Genie+ when I bought the tickets.

Not sure what this means because I have an annual pass. But are your tickets linked in your app? Park reservation is different than having the tickets. Make sure your tickets are in your app. You will need that for entrance.

To check, tap what’s circled in red.

Tap Tickets and Passes

All of your tickets show up here. If not, add them.

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