Is my ADR timing right?

I just booked a couple of ADRs for Friday 11th May, one for 'Ohana at 7:10pm. The idea being to sit on the beach after dinner and watch the fireworks over the Magic Kingdom.

Touring plans says that MK closes at 11pm, with Happily ever after at 9, this sounds a bit early to me, does it sound right to everyone else? I know they change park hours all the time.

and having never eaten at 'Ohana, if the fireworks are at 9pm, will a 7:10 start time give us enough time to eat and watch the fireworks?



No that’s perfect. It allows for Ohana to be running behind, which they often are, for you to enjoy your meal in a leisurely fashion, and to have time to grab some dole whips before claiming a spot on the beach.