Is my 7am strategy good?

OK so between Genie+, TPs, ILLs, virtual boarding groups and I don’t know what else, I am starting to stress a little about my trip that begins on March 1st. Last trip was more than 6 years ago and obviously a lot changed since then…

I guess the promised changes to Genie+ are not happening in time for me and 7am each day of the trip is going to be critical. But in which order should I do the things ? Get Genie+ or ILL first ? Or first try to get in a virtual boarding group for Tron or GotG ? Obviously, one thing will be done at 7am and others will have to wait for 7:15 or 7:30…

Also, how to decide which 1st ride of the day to pick with Genie+ ? With FP I would just get something (anything) early and then always get another FP for as soon as possible after in order to get as many FPs as possible in a day. However, my TPs now tell me weird stuff like book at 7am a ride for 4pm or things like that. My gut tells me to ignore TP suggestions and just get something early like I used to do with FP…

So yeah, any advice from experienced users of Genie+ and ILL would be very appreciated. Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Order of operations is always:

  • VQ
  • LL
  • ILL$

regardless of which attractions we’re talking about because VQs go fast, in-demand LL go next, and ILL$ tend to hang around a while


Actually all three can be done in less than 5 minutes. Probably closer to 90-120 seconds. It’s really not as complicated as it seems.


Thank you very much @OBNurseNH and @JenniferB1975 !!! :smiley:


The Jens are here to help you out :rofl:


You’ll be best served knowing which of the LL run out first for each park and then you can decide from there which you prioritize booking earliest.

There’s several threads over in La Cava if you want to get into more detailed genie planning. The everything genie+ thread has the priority list of what runs out first, plus lots of other info.

Then you can decide if you want to do more in depth from there, LL drops happen at fairly consistent times each day and there’s a thread dedicated to that too.



I would add that if you can have a second (or third) person applying for your first LL while you handle the VQ, that will allow you to get a primo LL for your first selection. i.e., you could get a SDD, Remy, JC/PP, or NRJ/KS for park opening.

If you are doing everything on your own, you should get the VQ right at 7:00:00am and then immediately get your first LL. It may be for a bit later, but if you keep checking, earlier times often pop up in the next 15 minutes or so after 7am and you can modify to that. (Note that you can’t see the return times in MDE for the first bit in the morning but you can use the Liner-created BG1 tool to see them.)


If it’s just you doing it all, will you have access to a second device or computer? When it’s just me grabbing, I had BG1 open on my computer in two windows. One window was for the VQ and one was for LL, and then I had my phone ready for ILL since you have to do that via MDE.

I could hit the VQ, toggle to the other BG1 window on a separate tab or Chrome, grab my LL, then pick up my phone and knock out the ILL. Like @JenniferB1975 said you can knock out all three in about 2 minutes fairly easily.


Holy crap it’s pretty crazy. I’ll bring my laptop then I guess, didn’t plan on that but it looks like it would be very useful. (yes it’s going to be just me doing it all).

Thanks !!! :slight_smile:

FWIW I’ve only ever done it on my phone and I’ve been quite successful


No need to panic or stress or even have multiple devices going. I never have. Certainly couldn’t hurt but I’m here to tell you it’s absolutely not necessary


Don’t bring a lap top. It’s not necessary. I’ve been able to get VQs, LLs and ILLs with no problems using just my phone and BG1.


Me three! Did all of them on my phone no problem. And didn’t have anyone assisting.

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@jflafond_869328 is the information that you’re referring to on Touring Plans. Sorry, I’m new to the site, so I’m still learning my way around.

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Not sure if you meant to reply to me or not. Are you looking for information about the order of priority for LL?

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