Is Memory Maker Worth It?


So, I'm trying to decide whether or not we should get Memory Maker. Our trip is in two weeks,so I need to make a decision pretty soon. Have you purchased it before? Was it worth the cost? Did you get pretty good pictures you wouldn't have gotten otherwise? Just wondering.


Yes, definitely worth it. One big advantage: all of you will be in the picture. And yes, most of them are pretty good, we had one or two photographers who were bad, but in total it's absolutely worth the price. And you will get ride photos as well.


Worth it especially if you have kids. Photographers are all over. Will take your photo with or w/o MM. With MM unlimited downloads for whatever is the price. W/o MM each download about $14. Can upload to online photo printer for pennies each


How many days will you be in the parks? We definitely felt it was worth it but I am not sure that would be the case if we only had a day or two.

But we loved it. Didn't ever worry about taking pictures. Just stopped whenever we saw a photographer and had them take pics in as many different configurations as we wanted. Never took more than a minute or so. Everyone could be in the picture. My kids never complained once because they wanted magic shots and so they were always very excited to see what ones the photographers had available. May have been worth it just to get our kids on board with taking pictures :wink:


We'll be there for 7 days, so it's sounding like this would be a good buy for us. We are mostly going for memories and this definitely fits the bill.


Thank you everyone. I think you all sold me on it!


Another "yes" here.
Make sure you find as many photopass picture takers as you can, and get your pics taken especially if the line is three or less. Ask any CM's you see if they know where the nearest PhotoPass person is. Make sure you ask them to take regular shots AND Magic shots each time. Make sure you select attraction pics after the attractions as well. It is VERY worth it so everyone in the fam is a part of pic, and someone is not left out because they are holding the cam. I forgot what the price of each photo is from the photopass site, but I remember that Memory Maker was a no brainer compared to the per-price pic. Memory Maker also includes a decent array of borders and stickers you can edit your pics with. It also includes very decent quality standard park pics as part of your package. I'm currently STILL trying to make a photobook from our trip last nov. I'm using a mix of our personal pics, the photopass pics, and also the included standard issue pics that you get with the package. The standard issue pics are just very good quality random shots of iconic park places, parades, fireworks, etc. I'd do MM again in a heartbeat, but I'd also make sure to get as many pics as I possibly could from the photopass folks. Some of them are very easy to find, but some are not.


100% worth it! Plus, if you have it, then you will be more inclined to stop and take more photos with photopass photographers. Some of my favorite pictures of are the ones they captured of my kiddos as they were meeting characters.


Can someone tell me how selecting the attraction pics works? I'm not familiar.


When you get off rides that have that option there is a station where you use your magic band to connect your pictures with your memory maker account. You basically tap the Mickey on your band to the picture. I'm not describing it well but it is super obvious and very easy to do. You won't miss it.


I would only use the tap things if you're using a card instead of a MagicBand. With the bands, the RFID matches you to your photo as you ride. When we used the tap gizmos, we had duplicates, which isn't a problem really, just a mild inconvenience.


Interesting. Thank you for correcting me. I would hate to share incorrect info. A CM told us we needed to tap even with the magic bands. And I don't recall getting duplicates. It would be even easier if we didn't even have to do that.


We only saw/used the tap stations twice, on dinosaur and everest. Didn't end up with duplicates either time. But I missed the station for the second ride on everest and the photo still showed up. If you're worried about missing any just try and remember when you rode and a CM at one of the photo shops will be able to link it for you if it does get missed


Another yes here, we will be going in May for our 3rd trip and we will always get the Memory Maker, so worth it!


YES ABSOLUTELY! Photo opps are everywhere! In fact, there were several times that someone was taking pictures that I could not have taken or wouldn't have thought to take. Examples:
***MAGIC Shots: You CAN'T get these shots yourself. The professional will ask if you want a magic shot and will ask you to pose 'surprised' or 'with hands together' and later you can see tinkerbell or another surprise. Often, they'll add thee into a picture even if you're not posed as a bonus. ALSO, keep an eye out for photographers around the park. They will set up in typical spots (in front of Animal kingdom's tree or Epcot's ball) but our favirote shots were taken by photographers set up on walkways with a unique and better backdrop!
-Rides: Splash mountain, rockin rollercoaster, tower of terror, mine train, space mountain etc... You just wave your band when you see your picture and the picture is saved to your account. At some rides, it scans your band and automatically saves the video or picture to your account. (Mine Train)
-Belle's Story time and other performances... kids and parents are asked to participate and the photographers will take their pictures throughout the experience.
-Breakfasts/Character Meals: There's usually a prof photographer taking shots near the entrance with a special character.
*Don't be afraid to ask for a couple of different combinations. If there's no line, take as many combinations as you like. If there's a long line, you might limit it to a couple different combos (kids, adults, whole family). Tell the photographer at the beginning... they know the fastest and best way to get all the pictures taken.


Definitely worth it!!! It's automatically included in our package from the UK but even if it wasn't we would have got it. But we didn't really find out how good it was until we were there and started seeing how many photographers there are and seeing our photos appear in our account. It really is a brilliant record of your holiday. We always tapped in after a ride and have got duplicates but I'd rather have them than a technical problem arise and not have the photos. Although we did use the online form to report missing photos and within four hours our photos had been found and added to our account. Fab service!


I just purchased it a few minutes ago! One week from tomorrow we'll be arriving in Orlando--I can barely wait! Thank you, everyone, for your advice and tips!


We just got back from our trip with Memory Maker, and while I still wonder about the cost, I have to admit that I'm so glad we purchased it. The pictures are well done, and simply capture things that you would never be able to get yourself, since someone has to take the picture or be behind the scenes in the attraction. Need proof you survived Splash or Space Mountain? Got it. Considering how much I spent on everything else, this one became a no-brainer for me.


We just returned from our trip and I want to say yes with just a side note. Time is a major factor when visiting the parks and we found that there are occasions when you have to stand in line for a particular photo op. You have to make the choice - do you have 10 - 15 minutes to spare for a photograph (it might be a highly desirable background) or are the minutes ticking down on your next Fastpass that is clear across the crowded park? That stated, although I took a ton of pictures with my phone, my absolute favorite vacation photograph is one that was done by a Memory Make photographer.


Absolutely! You won’t regret it. The idea that you might find some random person to take pictures of your entire group is probably not as easy as you think it would be. Everyone is rushing around doing their own plans, and stopping to take a family picture is unlikely a priority for them And the quality of the MM pics are outstanding. Just got back and was pleasantly surprised with the pics!