Is it wise to modify the room request fax?

I’ve been playing with our room request info. It’s really important to us to get connecting rooms, or at least adjoining rooms, though we’d also really like to be in Alligator Bayou (staying at POR).

For our rate category (standard), I like room 1640. I know that you generally don’t modify the “type of room” shorthand lingo when you’re doing an automatic fax, but it seems foolish to list example rooms without a connecting door when that is our top priority. I plan to tweak the request as written by the TP people, deleting the non-connecting rooms and adding in “NW-facing” and some connecting rooms over there. Do you think that’s a bad idea? Also, my impression is that you should do online check in first and leave the requests blank, and then do the faxed request. Is that right?

Here’s what my draft fax currently looks like:

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I’ve done 2 faxes and modified the wording both times. It’s only an example. I got the exact room once and a room a couple of doors down which was actually better for us the other time.

It doesn’t matter at which point you do online check in or the fax. The fax is sent at 5 days before your trip which is when room assigners start…well assigning rooms! It makes no difference if you have done online check in or not at that point.

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Looks great to me.

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Thanks guys! That’s reassuring.

I would definitely change it. There is zero reason to request something you don’t actually want in your FAX.

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So I can do the room request fax and still check in online through My Dis Exp?

Yes. Just leave the requests blank. And do not check “early arrival is most important”.


So I have the same question, but I worry about being too specific when I feel if I were more broad that I have a better chance of getting what I want. I really really like the room that I chose on the TP room picker for Pop Century, but I worry that it might be to specific and if it is unavailable that they would put put in a pool facing room when really my priority is to be in a refurbished room with a decent lake view.

What it be wise to not edit the first line and add this comment to the additional special requests or is it just going to make it convoluted?

For our upcoming stay, we’d like to request this type of room:

Bldg 1970s,Flr 4,W-facing room.Exmple:6456,6455,6457,6454,6458,6453,6459,6452

Additional Special Requests:

If those rooms above are unavailable, this is what I’d like to request:
First Priority: Building 6 or 5
Second Priority: Lake View
Third Priority: Upper Floors (3 or 4)

I think that’s ideal - lead with the room(s) you really want and then explain why so if your example rooms are unavailable they know how to adjust to keep you relatively happy. I think you captured that fairly well in your current Fax. Good luck…

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Yes. That pre-populated line is in room assigner-speak so that they understand the basics of what you are looking for. You then use the additional box for prioritizing things to further clarify. Just as you have.

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Perfect! Thank you! Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t confusing or difficult in my request.

In case anyone comes across this thread and is wondering about the answer to this part of my OP, I just came across this at

Just got back from a WDW vacation on March the 14th. Stayed at PoR for two weeks and put in a fax via UOG stating my room preferences. Requested a room facing the parking lot but quite and close to the bus stop on the second floor. Also I requested the room to be in Magnolia bend and Magnolia Terrace if possible. I did not get the exact room I requested as I was assigned a room on the first floor but it was toward the back of building where it was quite and close to the bus stop. It was also in Magnolia bend in section Magnolia Terrace. Alligator Bayou is a ways from the main building but if you have stayed there you already knew that.

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Thanks for the insight, @DocHopper. I haven’t stayed there before, but I don’t necessarily expect to be close to the main building. I know it’s a big resort and, well, someone is going to get placed towards the back. I’m hoping not to be put reeaaaaly far away, though :slight_smile:

Welcome back, by the way! I hope you had a magical vacation.

Thanks we did. It was a little cooler than expected as we hit a two week cold spell right on target. Great for the parks though as it was in the mid 70’s most days. Nights were cool though so no swimming. Not much for swimming anyway. May I suggest you put in a fax for the same as I if you wish to be close to the main building with QS and the store and lobby. Magnolia Bend it where the lobby is and Magnolia Terrace is right behind the main swimming pool and just across the bridge from the main building and the boats which take you to DS. Bus service to the parks is near the back of Magnolia Terrace as well. Good luck and have a Magical vacation as well.

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