Is it really a 10 minute walk between every attraction?

After I pressed ‘evaluate’ a few times, my USF plan updated to default to a 10 minute walk between every attraction. As you can imagine, all of a sudden, my plan extended by 1+ hours. Seems suspicious that every attraction would be exactly 10 minutes apart, especially when the first five are in the same World (Harry Potter). I.e. is it really a 10 minute to walk from Ollivanders to the Harry Potter thrill ride, 10 minutes to walk to Diagon Alley, 10 minutes to walk from Diagon Alley to the Leaky Cauldron? I left it last night, and re-evaluated this AM thinking it was some sort of glitch, but no, it is still defaulting to 10 minute default times whether the attraction is across the park, or around the corner. Any thoughts? Is this correct? Note: I’ve optimized it to minimize walking, so we aren’t criss crossing the park for every attraction (we have Universal Express, so we don’t need to). For just one morning in USF, it says 120 minute cumulative walk time (vs. at most 49 minutes for ANY of my Magic Kingdom plans, which are far more aggressive in terms of criss crossing the park).

Sounds like a bug. E-mail explaining the problem and giving the plan URL - they are usually quite quick about resolving issues like this.

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