Is it possible to modify Universal Florida park tickets by date?

I know it’s possible to modify dates for Disney theme park tickets but is it possible to do the same with Universal? Say I buy a 5 day Universal ticket for a specific week in August 2022 but decide to hold off for a year. Can I call Universal to modify the dates to a year later (and pay the difference in cost) or is that only available for Disney World tickets?

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Most tickets have an expiration date that is distinct from the use dates. As long as you use the tickets before the expiration, you just pay the difference to use on different dates (I don’t think they give a refund if you use on a cheaper date though).

You can also apply the value of expired tickets to the purchase of new tickets. You usually lose a little value doing this because of ticket price inflation.

So yes, it’s similar to Disney’s policy.


I was able to modify dates last year using the Universal App (where I had linked my tickets). Shows you immediately any price difference you must pay. Just not sure how far out it lets you make a change.