Is it possible to do Toy Story without fastpass

We didn’t get a fast pass for Toy Story Mania for the morning we our going to HS, My husband kind of messed up what he selected for fast passes and now if I switch them to even try for Toy Story is messes up one of our other selections, and times are basically gone too. Because he picked two shows, the fastpass times are longer, so this prevents you from trying to get something else, but the times overlap. What are my chances of riding Toy Story for my kids and not having to wait forever? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

These are our FP
First time in Forever Frozen singalong- Await time 10:00 -10:15
Show - 10:30-11:00

Beauty Beast - Await time 11:30- 11:50
Show 12:00 - 12:25

StarWARS 12:25-1:25

Go straight there at rope drop. We did this on our trip in June and our wait was less than 10 minutes.

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You can go straight at RD but honestly I would cancel the FP for both your shows and keep trying to get TSMM. You can do overlapping times one or two people at a time. You don’t really need FP for BntB. What day are you trying for?


We had reasonable waits (<30 mins) all day last summer, and no problem getting TSM as a 4th FP either. But I agree with @AuntB_luvsDisney that you really don’t need FP for either of the shows.

Do you not have a tier 1 FP?

Tier 1 currently schedule is Beauty and the Beast from the original post.

In March, we liked Midway Mania so much that we went back later (around 5:15 pm) and rode it a second time standby. It was about a 20 minute wait that day.

Wow- I did not know that was tier 1!

I know, right?!? Seems crazy to have that one as a tier 1.

When we went in January, my son insisted on riding TSMM over and over during fireworks. No wait for about half a dozen rides because we were willing to miss fireworks and fantasmic. Touring Plans says that day was a CL3.

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I agree that you don’t need fp for beauty and beast. It’s in a huge amphitheater. I cannot imagine it being difficult to find seat ithere.