Is it normal on days with a CL of 3 or lower to not need fast passes?

We will be in WDW Feb 3-10. Feb 6 - 8 are predicted to be low, which is wonderful, but my TP’s don’t recommend any Fast passes. That just feels weird to me. There is a part of me that feels like I should book anything just to cover my bases and another part of me that knows to trust Touring Plans and do nothing. I’m torn. Any advice to share?

On your EP plan, you have the ride, The Seas with Nemo & Friends, listed twice. Do you want to ride it twice? Or did you mean to spend more time on The Seas Main Tank and Exhibits?

On many steps, such as the WS countries, you can edit the time allowed for that step. For instance, you could list Japan once for 30 minutes, rather than 3 at 10 minutes. You can also edit the time for some AK things like the various trails.

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I would FPP anything you consider a must do this way you have your guarantee.

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All of the items that were listed multiple times were because I didn’t realize that I could just edit the step to increase the time spent at the location. When I first added the step it wasn’t an option and It never occurred to me to edit it.

I just leearned something new. Thank you.

I’m with @joefishing209 - get Fastpasses for the attractions you don’t want to miss. It’s always better to have Fastpasses you don’t really need than to wish you had them once you’re there…