Is it just me, or are my touring plans looking too good to be true?!?

Ok I posted an itinerary a week ago, but I just learned that I can share my actual touring plans as well. We’re going for 8 days in mid to late August. The fast passes I put in aren’t booked, obv, they are just my dream choices. Even taking that into consideration, my plans look a bit too easy. Maybe it’s my inner Debbie Downer talking, but I don’t want to get excited thinking my wait times will be like this when we go and then BOOM, the day goes nothing like expected.

Addendum to day 2 HS…I know I have TSL towards the end of the day (including FPP for SDD) but I kinda wanted to ride at night, it looks so cool…but then there’s a part of me that wants to ride during the day so I can peek over at GE!)

Addendum to day 5…we’ll prob try and score a 4th FPP for Buzz Lightyear after our first three

Trying to have the mornings crazier so if we fall behind it’s not an issue, and also to leave time to wander aimlessly

And without further ado…

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Your plans look pretty good!!

I do think you’ll have longer waits on your HS plan for Star Tours, Toy Story Mania, and Alien Swirl.
The only other thing I noticed on one of your Epcot days you have a break to go to the Boardwalk Resort for 60 minutes… you might want to make it at least 1 hour and 30 minutes depending on what you are doing.

Thanks! Once we do future world we’re kind of just winging it. I definitely want to get ice cream while at Boardwalk and just walk around, soak in the atmosphere. Depending on what we do, we may stay longer!

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