Is Hollywood Studios worth it?

I may catch some heat from this question, but we don’t have Park Hopper and are planning to spend our first full day at HS. We are attending MVMCP the night before and I have a 1 yr old and 3 yr old. We normally skip HS but with Toy Story Land it seems more appealing. It is predicted to be a 5 on the Monday that we plan to go. Do y’all think it’s worth using a day to go? We have a 5 day pass and plan to do: 1 day HS, 1 day EP, 1 Day AK, and 2 days MK.

With kids that small, other than shows there may not be much to do. Even the newTSL rides have height limits. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some excellent rides for the adults to do, and child swap makes that fairly easy. If all you’re thinking about is your kids, I would probably skip it, but if you want to have some fun for yourselves, you might consider going.

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I tend to agree with @bswan26 on this. Not a whole lot for very young kids to be interested in. Heck, if I didn’t have park hoppers, I wouldn’t even bother going to HS myself. I can’t ride any of the rides now that they took out GMR. Everything else messes with my vertigo.

I am probably a minority, though.

If your children are into Disney Junior characters this is the only place to meet then. 2 of my DC where afraid of character meets at 1 & 3. But 2 of my DC loved them at 2 &3 and that is all they wanted to do.

We have always spent a whole day (with an afternoon break) at HS, even with young children. They have always enjoyed the princess shows at that age and loved meeting Disney Junior characters and Buzz and Woody.

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