Is Guest Relations open to get a Disability Access Card before RD?

We plan on getting to MK around 8:30 am for a 9am park opening. Once we get through bag check and the turnstiles and are waiting with everyone else for the welcome show, can we proceed to GR to request a DAS card? I don’t want to waste the shorter lines that you can get if you are there for rope drop (DS can wait for about 20-30 minutes). I assume lines are long at GR in the morning. I’d rather ride 3 rides from 9-10am than stand in line at GR for 30 minutes and get to ride only one thing before 10.

I feel like my best option is to try to get the DAS card while waiting for rope drop. Otherwise, I guess we just wait til later in the day and trek ALL the way back to GR to get the card.

Also interested. I am thinking at the moment we will pick one up on our way out for a break.


As for Magic Kingdom, I do not know. I can speak to Epcot. We had to wait until rope drop to get to GR.

Although, Magic Kingdom has a GR location next to the turnstiles (as did Epcot), but still I don’t know if you have to wait until rope drop to get a DAS.

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Oh, and we had no line at all, but again we were in Epcot not MK and we were there in November, so that was probably a factor as well.

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I have renewed a paper DAS at MK GR outside gate. Have not tried with bands.

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Last time I was there, the GR outside the MK would not let me do the DAS arrangement. They said I had to do it inside. We had a pre-RD reservation and were able to arrange it then, with no wait. I think we were the first ones at GR that day. However, another time when we didn’t have a pre-RD res, we had to wait about 20 minutes in line.