Is Gringott's a Coaster?

I am avoiding anything that resembles a "spoiler", but curious if Gringott's is an indoor coaster with effects or if it is more similar to Spiderman in concept (e.g. moving vehicles with integrated sets and 3D films).


It is kind of like a roller coaster. CMs kept telling folks it was like a hybrid between mummy coaster and transformers. I'd say that was a fair assessment. Definitely a unique ride design but I'd say tamer than many of the Uni rides.

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Way tamer for sure. The story is the highlight rather than the "thrills," which are mild.

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I wouldn't describe it as a roller coaster. It is similar to Spider Man: nothing like for example, Big Thunder Mountain. The projections make the ride, rather than the motion.

There are coaster-like segments at the beginning and end, but then dark ride/motion simulator segments in the middle.

20% coaster, 80% dark ride. Coaster segments are closer to 7 Dwarfs than Space Mountain.