Is FEA waiting time in EP TP reliable


I created EP TPs for 12/04. After optimizing (no FP+ selections made), it's showing wait time at FEA of only 40min. I'm guessing this is due to lack of history & not realistic. Any guesses as to how to work a plan around it (without a FP).


We RD it as I couldn't get a fpp either. CL3 day and only waited a couple minutes for the ride itself, but we got to the park ~45min before opening and walked with a purpose to Norway :smiley: Before I decided to RD TP was also estimating a 40min wait in the middle of the day. Not sure of the CL for your day though.


My TP is showing a 30 mins wait for meeting A&E, really hoping that's a conservative estimate. Is the FEA fever starting to diminish, as 40 mins doesn't sound too bad compared to the hours people were waiting a couple of months ago.


We waited 10 to 15 minutes for Anna and Elsa. Longest wait I saw on a CL3 day was 20 minutes.


I find it kinda fishy too. I'm going mid December when crowds will be a 10 all the days I'm in the parks. Highest waiting time for the days I'm planning is around 50 mins. I was thinking of doing SSE then Test Track then FEA (according to the plan I optimized, the wait would be no longer than 30 mins) I wouldn't have to work my way backwards but something tells me I better hit this ASAP.


We have plenty of data for FEA. Those should be reasonable estimates. The first thing I'd check is a similar date in the past, to see what the actual wait times were on days with similar crowd levels.

The waits for Anna and Elsa are much lower in Epcot than they were at MK a couple years ago.