Is Epcot crazy on a Saturday evening during F&G?

Based on past trips, half day at Epcot is enough for my family. We love it just don’t need a whole day. So we are planning on going to EP on arrival day. Flight into MCO at 1:30 and I’m allowing three hours for DME and bus to park. My question is - how crazy is Epcot on a Saturday evening? CL projection is 7 for that day, 3 to 5 for the rest of the week. I’ve heard EP is a popular spot for drinking especially during festivals. I’ll be with DD7 so want to try to avoid the craziness if I can. We have FPP for FEA and want to ride Soarin. Will ride TT if we have time.

Our experience was - crazy. As you say, many (local) folks go just to drink their way around the world. I think as long as you stay near the rides in FW it’s not so bad.

++ @cfunkak … No problems in Future World but navigating World Showcase was a challenge

I don’t think Flower and Garden is as bad as Food and Wine. Will you want to eat at the booths? You may find some longer lines and World Showcase may be crowded but don’t skip it! The displays are beautiful!

We were there the Saturday evening right before F and G started. A non-festival Saturday night. The unicorn of WS. But it was still moderately crowded and there were a lot of well-beveraged people swearing loudly. France was wall to wall drunk people when I got there at 4. Not against enjoying a beverage or two at Epcot. In fact, I waited 20 minutes for the Grey Goose slushy. But, it reminded me of a frat party in a beautiful location.

Thanks for the input! Our plan will be to visit Norway (for Frozen) and then enjoy a few rides in FW. We may walk through WS first to see what we can see. I’m up for having a nice drink and snacks in Epcot…but not interested in navigating a drinking party with my seven year old :laughing:

Is 4:45 a good time to get a FPP for FEA? Flight arrives at 1:30.

I have a very similar plan, arrive on a Saturday at MCO at 1240 then MDE to Pop. I have my first FPP at 505 pm just to allow a bit of extra time for getting to EP. We have a full EP day later in the week so dont plan to venture past Norway that night. This is April 20 so I can report how it works out!

Would love to hear how it goes. Thanks!