Is Disney World Coming apart at the seems?

I have noticed in recent years that is seems Disney World is having more and more breakdowns with it’s rides and transportation system. How many of you have experienced ride stoppage such as Pirates of the C.,Haunted Mansion, and Yes, even the beloved, It’s a Small World. The Monorail is constantly breaking down and if you have a dinner reservation, don’t count on it to get you there on time. Lines are getting longer, your time allowed in the parks is getting shorter with MNSSH and MVMC taking part of your time, the time you paid for, so that Disney can get more of your money. I understand what is happening. The parks are getting older and maintenance just doesn’t seem to keep up. Last week my nefhew waited on it’s a small world for over an hour for it to restart. I own stock in this company but they have got to put more into maintaining what they have rather than hunting for new rides. That’s my feelings anyway.


My observation is that it’s far busier than I remember it

I guess it depends on dates etc

When I went in July there were times and places where it felt severely over crowded and spoiled the impact

I’ve also read some worrying accounts of crowds at HEA although when we were there for that it was busy but not scary in any way

Whereas others have felt scared by the sheer numbers

Maybe disney is a victim of their own success in that respect.


Maybe we’re just lucky but in 4 two week trips, we’ve never once experienced a ride breakdown. But most rides are pretty old, so it’s not surprising that they break down now and again.

I think some people panic when a dark ride stops, even if it is just to load/unload someone with a mobility issue.


I would agree that it feels that my time in the parks is shorter, and lines are longer. Not sure that rides break down more? The folks here at Lines would know the answer to that questions for certain. The monorail is widely reported to be on its last legs. It needs a complete overhaul. Hopefully that will happen before the 50th, but I’m not holding my breath on that one.