Is DHS even worth a visit?

So. I’ll be in the World for a brief visit, February 7 & 8. I’m coming up from West Palm Beach, not expecting to hit the parks until noon on 02/07. (I pondered long and hard about doing a full day in DHS on 02/08, but I’d rather head for TMK on my full day.)

My question is thus - I’ve seen on other Disney forums that the entire dynamic of DHS has been upset due to Rise of the Resistance. People get there before rope drop to join those boarding groups, then don’t go anywhere and swamp the rest of the park all day waiting for their turn.

I have resigned myself to the fact that I don’t have a prayer of getting on ROTR the afternoon I’m there; I’ll have to satisfy myself with Smuggler’s Run and ol’ reliable Star Tours. But reading the horror stories, can I even get into Galaxy’s Edge if I"m not in a boarding group? I’m on the verge of abandoning DHS entirely and heading for EPCOT instead, but I don’t anticipate returning to The World for a number of years, so I’d be sorry to miss the opportunity to even SEE it.

Thoughts? Any recent experiences?

Do you have any FPPs booked for DHS? (Star Tours, some Tier 1, and maybe a throw away Tier 2)

You most likely won’t get a BG or a BGG by the time you arrive in the afternoon for ROTR. BUT, you can freely explore Galaxy’s Edge and get in line for Smuggler’s Run, if the wait time suits you. You can even eat and drink at Docking 7. I have read here that they are doing single riders for SR.

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This is 100% true! I only take 10 - 20 minutes to hop on in single rider (sometimes less)


SWGE has been busy but still manageable. It is true HS has been very busy every morning I have been here this week. Wait times escalate very quickly. Still worth seeing and MF can be done on single rider

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On that note, how were late afternoons/evenings after the jam-packed mornings? More reasonable or still throngs of people? Shows/rides swamped or more reasonable 30-40 min waits?
ETA that I have never enjoyed the vibe or setup of HS although I’ve enjoyed some of the attractions. We used to skip it but since TSL it is a bit better. I want to see GE but I’m torn with all the madness. Luckily I have many months to watch.

The evening’s are more quiet but still busy. Every show during the day was full. I would not skip it. A couple of mornings I got my BG then left. One day I took the Skyliner to check out the Riviera, one I just went back to the resort for breakfast. My last morning I got BG 22 which was called at 7:30, then I just left after riding. It seems it will be crazy for a while.

My friend did smuggler’s run in 30 min with single rider during the busy Thanksgiving week, although ROTR wasn’t open yet so maybe crowd was lower (it seemed pretty bad however).

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We did SR the week before Christmas when ROTR was open. Around noon, it was 50 SB, not single rider.

I was there last week. Yes, lots of people, but we really didn’t have trouble getting into shows. It’s quite fun to wander around Galaxy’s Edge. The food at Docking Bay 7 is pretty good but you might need to take it elsewhere to find a seat. We ate there twice and service was quick by ordering on MDE app. The whole BG situation is sorta mayhem, and MFSR could be a bit of a wait, but we really didn’t find the crowd level unpleasant. The stars aligned for us on FP for the major rides by going parts of different days, so you may need to just take advantage of what you can there. I wouldn’t avoid it.

Definitely worth a visit even without RotR. I was there jan9-14.

I did MFSR a few times via SR line. Most times it was around 25 minutes max. If SR line is closed, just be patient, it will open again.

Went to DB7 several times and did not have a problem getting a seat. Must have been lucky.

You need to hit Ogas for a Rancor flight…Rancor, Rancor, Rancor,…and catch Rex spinning the tunes.

Head into the droid depot to pick up a Batuuan Spira…the currency for the planet. It is a disney gift card, but you get to keep the metal coin as a souvenir.

Definitely hit ST at least once to get the new scenes from Star Wars IX.

And seeing Black Spire at night is worth it!

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