Is DA really the first fully immersive land?

Interesting article. DA is fantastic and truly, fully immersive but is it a game changer? Where’s the mention of Carsland?

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Not sure exactly what the author is expecting with regarding to the “pureness” of a new land. When Epcot opened without Disney characters guests were upset and the company brought them into the park. I’m not sure what sort of crossover you’d see with the standard characters inside the Avatar-themed area, so maybe that will make the author happy. However, if it doesn’t bring in the crowds Disney is hoping for, then I’m sure they’ll make changes to react to what their guests ask for.

Sam, I’ve been to both areas and Diagon is a game changer and is heads and shoulders better than Carsland. Diagon has more lateral depth opposed to Carsland which is mostly a road to RSR.