Is club level worth it

Hey - I may have asked this earlier - but is club level “worth it” at Portafino. I don’t ever think that club level is a great value - but I do like the added level of “relaxaction” it can bring. My biggest question is - is the food available early / late enough to make it worth it. We would be in the parks the vast majority of the time - but it would be nice to be able to grab a quick bite prior to going. Is food out early enough to take advantage of it? Of course a glass of wine after being tossed around for the day would be good too if they are open late

We love club level but will not do it at uni. The timeing of the food and drinks clashes with when we would be at the pool or in the parks. For the extra $100 plus a day I can buy what we want at a time that suits us instead rushing to get back to hotel for “free” drinks I would hate to pull kids out of the parks/pool just to make club level serving times. Serving times are on each hotel website.

Thanks - that is what I am starting to gather - but wanted to confirm. Cool thanks!!

I don’t think I could ever justify the cost of CL for myself at any “park” resort. I leave for RD most days and rarely come back to the resort before dinner; and I wouldn’t want to feel “obligated” to be there for food/drink.

That being said, I have enjoyed CL at non-park hotels. DW and I went to NOLA for our 20th anniversary and stayed CL at one of the high-end hotels in the French Quarter. We got up in the AM to a leisurely “free” breakfast, toured the city all day, and got back to the hotel in time for the happy hour food and drink which we enjoyed while getting cleaned up for a nice dinner and evening activities. It was also nice to have a “private” concierge to help us arrange tours, make dining reservations, etc.